Please don’t forget to check this web site to see if you are living in or near one of our Behold Your God cities. We need our friends to pray and participate in reaching out to people in their own communities. We need churches who will follow up on the down-and-outers as well as the up-and-outers. We need friends to witness and friends to pack tract bags. We can encourage you, teach you and give you the resources you need to make this your mission!

What better way to thank God for all He has done for us than to tell others about it? That’s all evangelism is! Not a big scary task for the elite, but a joyful running off at the mouth every Christian is capable of when we are overflowing with God’s mercy and grace, combined with a caring heart and ear to hear the needs of those God wants to reach.


Thanks to Apple of His Eye ministries for the great cooperation on our Minneapolis/St. Paul outreach! The (known) results of the two-week outreach were: 123,668 broadsides (gospel tracts) distributed, 107 unbelieving Jewish people gave their names and addresses to hear more about Jesus, as did 227 unbelieving Gentiles. Thirty-six Gentiles prayed to receive Jesus!

God’s sense of humor displayed: one of the places we handed out tracts was the skyway in St. Paul. A local Jewish merchant tried to have us removed, but we had documents to show our legal right to be there. And…an employee (not Jewish) of that merchant who came out to see what the big deal was ended up praying to receive the Lord!