I can’t imagine any type of worker ever gaining the kind of satisfaction that comes to us in ministry. It is not just that we get to bring a life-giving message that matters for all eternity, but now and then we hear about the continuing impact. When one sows the gospel seed there is a harvest for many seasons, and we continually hear of results from afar.

Friends of mine recently sent a postcard that said:

Dear Moishe and Ceil—

We wanted to tell you about a little girl who was baptized Sunday at our church. She told the pastor she had accepted the Lord when The Liberated Wailing Wall was here last year. Just wanted you to let them hear a little child was touched by their ministry. We continue to pray for you all.

In Our Messiah,
Hezekiah & Donna J.

In my senior years, I keep hearing of how a seed sown here or there sprouted and grew. In one instance a person told me that he was led to Christ by someone I had led to Christ, but thought was backslidden. What a wonderful way to discover that a person to whom I had ministered was walking with the Lord again.

Often, we don’t hear about the effect of the message seed we are sowing except to know that God promised that His word will not return void, but will accomplish everything for which He sent it. That promise is often what sustains The Liberated Wailing Wall. Unlike our regular branch missionaries, members of The Liberated Wailing Wall don’t have the opportunity to stay and give discipleship lessons to those whom they help bring to faith. They travel from city to town and even to a village and then on to a different city. It is difficult to maintain relationships with the people they meet, though God often lays it on their hearts to pray for this one or that one long after they’ve moved on.

The Liberated Wailing Wall has been continuously ministering for thirty years. One hundred and sixty different people have served, sung and shown forth the gospel over those three decades. They have given their presentations before far more people than I have. I am thankful to God for the unique ministry of The Liberated Wailing Wall and for the many of you who have supported Jews for Jesus throughout the years.


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