Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports, Sixty-five-year-old Lee A. ordered our Survivor Stories video a long time ago. When I called and found that he hadn’t yet received it, we set up a time for me to bring him one personally. During the visit, I learned that Lee had been searching for God for many years and was attracted to Jesus. So when I shared the simple gospel message with him and asked him if he’d like to receive God’s free gift that very day, he said, “Yes.” Lee bought one of our Following Yeshua discipleship books and we agreed to meet regularly to discuss the Bible lessons. Praise God! Please pray for Lee’s growth as a new child of God, and for his Gentile wife who is ill and does not know the Lord.”


Valery Bolotov reports, “Victor M. explained, as I visited him, that he’d been advised to change his name and nationality on his papers before going into the army years ago. He did so out of fear. He not only survived the war, but was highly decorated. Yet Yankel (his real name) has felt a sorrow that never leaves him.

“‘Advise me what to do, you see I’m a great sinner—a traitor to my people,’ he said with remorse. I pointed out that Yeshua is the door. He not only provides a way out of every situation, but also the way in to the eternal life since He died for our sins and rose for our salvation. Yankel prayed to repent and receive salvation, and he also accepted my suggestion to request that his personal data be corrected. This took much courage. Please pray that Yankel will grow in his faith, but also that the Lord will be glorified as Yankel seeks to rectify his mistake.”


Mark Landrum reports, “A man with an Israeli accent left a message on our office answering machine so Rahel (my wife and our resident Israeli) answered the call. Michael has been interested in Jesus and has even spoken with evangelical Christians—but always feels guilty after talking to them. A couple of years ago, one such Christian friend had suggested that Michael call Jews for Jesus. Recently, Michael saw a newspaper article claiming that Jews for Jesus aren’t really Jewish, and he finally decided to give us a call! [ed: once again, our founder’s saying holds true: every knock is a boost!] “Michael was born in Germany, lived in Israel for 20 years and now resides in a very Jewish area of London. As Rahel began discussing spiritual matters with him on the phone, Michael said that he preferred to discuss such things in person. Rahel asked when would be a good time for a visit and he suggested that very night! Forty-five minutes later, Rahel and I were talking face to face with Michael. Before we left, he commented with surprise that he didn’t feel guilty after talking to us.

“The next morning Michael called back because he couldn’t find one of the verses we’d mentioned. He had stayed up most of the night looking at the Scriptures we had discussed! A few minutes later, having found and read the passage, Michael called back and I was able to lead him in a prayer to receive Yeshua as his Messiah. He has already told important people in his life that he is following Yeshua. Please pray this continues and that he grows strong in Messiah.”

New York

Amer Olson reports, “A young Jewish man named Danny called the office after one of our missionaries, Barry Buirski, gave him a pocket New Testament during a sortie (tract passing expedition). Danny called to let us know that he had said the prayer printed inside to give his life to Yeshua. Wow! Pray we’ll be able to hook up for discipleship, and that Danny will grow deeper in his understanding of Yeshua. Praise God, whose word does not return to Him void, but accomplishes the purposes for which He sends it!”


Marcello Araujo reports, “I recently received a phone call from Ed and Beatrice. Ed is a new Jewish believer who came to the Lord through our Spanish Bible study. His wife, Beatrice, was skeptical. A few months ago she had asked me to pray for her mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. It seems that her mother went to the hospital, thinking she was going to have a mastectomy. But when the doctors ran final tests, they did not find anything wrong. This was a powerful confirmation to Beatrice that God is real and He hears prayer. She prayed with me to receive our Messiah.”