November 2001 Newsletter (5762:3)

Thankful for What?
November 1, 2001

What are your strongest associations with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday—turkey and stuffing, family and football, a longer weekend to relax and plenty of leftovers? Most associate Thanksgiving with all of the above and, of course, with the story of the Pilgrims and the feast they shared with the Native Americans back at Plymouth Rock. Yet…

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The BYG Pic, November 2001

Please don’t forget to check this web site to see if you are living in or near one of our Behold Your God cities. We need our friends to pray and participate in reaching out to people in their own communities. We need churches who will follow up on the down-and-outers as well as the…

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30 Years of Wailing

Did you know that The Liberated Wailing Wall existed even before Jews for Jesus became an official ministry? The LWW (originally called the Jews for Jesus Presentation group”) began in 1971, and our ministry was incorporated in 1973. Our newest team marks the 30th anniversary for this important mobile evangelistic arm of Jews for Jesus….

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Thank God It Doesn’t Depend on Us
Author: Susan Perlman

It all began with an e-mail message from Karen, who wanted me to pray for a Jewish woman in her town. The woman, whom I will just call Lois,” was in the terminal stage of cancer. Karen’s pastor and his wife were already involved with Lois and her family; still, Karen thought a Jews for…

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Satisfactions from Afar
Author: Moishe Rosen

I can’t imagine any type of worker ever gaining the kind of satisfaction that comes to us in ministry. It is not just that we get to bring a life-giving message that matters for all eternity, but now and then we hear about the continuing impact. When one sows the gospel seed there is a…

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Bits from the Branches

Los Angeles Cyril Gordon reports, Sixty-five-year-old Lee A. ordered our Survivor Stories video a long time ago. When I called and found that he hadn’t yet received it, we set up a time for me to bring him one personally. During the visit, I learned that Lee had been searching for God for many years…

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