People who check out Jews for Jesus on the web and in chatrooms are often taking a first step on a faith journey that leads them to Jesus. Sometimes, as with Cindy, they don’t live near our branch cities, so phone and mail follow-up is our best option. (She and Moishe first met” online.) Other times, as with Lisa, we are able to meet face-to-face. We hope the following letter and narrative will encourage you and help you to remember to pray for our online ministries.

Lisa initially checked out the Jews for Jesus website at the request of her Christian boyfriend, Jim. She expected to make a five-minute investigation just so she could tell him that she had looked. Instead, she ended up staying for over an hour! She also left her e-mail address so we could contact her.

Rob Wertheim began meeting with Lisa and they studied the Bible together over the next few months. Then Lisa called to tell Rob that she was going to visit her mother and that she planned to tell her mom about her spiritual search. With tears in her voice, Lisa asked Rob to pray that her mother would not be angry.

Later that day Rob called Lisa, who reported that her mother had actually been glad to hear about her search. In fact, her mother agreed to look up the Bible passages Lisa had suggested. It seems that years ago, someone had given Lisa’s mother a Bible with her name stamped in gold.

Rob asked Lisa if she had decided to ask Jesus into her heart since she was already telling her mom about the gospel. Lisa replied that she had not yet said a prayer of commitment. He asked if she was ready and without hesitation she said, “Yes,” so Rob prayed with her to receive Jesus!

Hi Moishe,

I wanted to thank you for taking some time with me on the phone last year. My name is Cindy and I was living in Mississippi when we spoke last. I really appreciate the books and materials that you sent me. God really used you and those materials to help me on my journey. I want you to know that I accepted Jesus into my heart last September and have been blessed ever since. Thank you for your prayers and support.



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