Jews for Jesus Co-Laborers in Messiah (CLIMs) are trained volunteers who represent our ministry in their area. We have 82 Co-Laborer in Messiah chapters throughout the United States as well as in Mexico City, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the former Soviet Union.

These folks help us in so many ways. As volunteers, they choose their activities according to their individual gifts and/or preferences.

David in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania assisted us at the Messiah ’99” Conference at Messiah College in Lancaster.

Rick and Beverly from Burke, Virginia helped our Washington, D.C. staff move into their new office.

Jean from Madison, Wisconsin enjoyed handing out broadsides (gospel tracts) at a recent art fair in Madison.

Steve in Roseburg, Oregon spends many of his lunch hours handing out broadsides at the University of Oregon.

Stacy in Cambridge, Minnesota exercised her gift of hospitality by feeding The Liberated Wailing Wall—but she really went over-and-above when she mended some of their costumes!

Donna from Houston, Texas had been witnessing to her unsaved Jewish friend, Hilary, for a long time. Donna recently hosted a dinner party where she was able to connect Hilary with a Jewish believer in Jesus. It was a great night of ministry and Hilary put her faith in Yeshua.

Kristy, a Jewish believer from Lynnwood, Washington is amazed at the opportunities the Lord has opened up for her to talk to Jewish doctors at her workplace.

If you would like to personally invest ten or so hours a month in Jews for Jesus, please consider becoming a Co-Laborer. There are so many ways you can help us to do and be more. Whether you enjoy fixing a meal, making phone calls, setting up displays and/or schmoozing at conferences, providing lodging, visiting hospitals, witnessing on-line or even handing out gospel tracts … we need your help. And the list doesn’t end there, because you can probably help in ways we have not even thought of yet!

For more information on being a Co-Laborer in Messiah, contact Cecilia Butcher
60 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
[email protected]


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