From London, missionary Rahel Landrum reports, Ian, a Jewish man whom Mark* has been meeting with for a year-and-a-half came to faith. He invited us to his home for a barbecue and when almost everybody left, we had the chance to speak with Ian alone in the garden. He had been under some financial pressure and found himself wanting to rely on Jesus to help him with his problems. When we asked if he wanted to pray to accept Jesus, to have God’s forgiveness and His Spirit to guide his life he replied, “No time like the present.” The following morning, he called Mark to make an appointment to study the Bible and commented that he had slept well the night before—without any worries.” *Mark is Rahel’s husband, also a Jews for Jesus missionary.

Outreach worker Steve reports from Los Angeles, “I received a call from a Christian asking if I could minister to her Jewish friend, Eric. He was open to the gospel and prayed to receive Yeshua as his Lord and Savior! We are thankful for Christian friends who put us in touch with Jewish seekers like Eric. Please pray for Eric’s spiritual growth.”

Andrew Barron, branch leader in Toronto reports, “Praise the Lord! Two Jewish people recently came to faith! Mark has been a long-time contact who finally ‘moved off the fence of indecision.’ And Aaron called the office after listening to the story of a Jewish believer (Stan Telchin) on tape. Please pray that these new brothers in the Lord would grow in faith and be instrumental in bringing their unsaved family members to Yeshua.”

Dina Markova, outreach worker in the CIS reports, “While I was passing out tracts, an elderly Jewish couple came to me, curious. They were from Berlin and told me that they had seen Jews for Jesus in Germany too! Intrigued by our international presence, they gave me their address in Berlin and are looking forward to receiving more information about the Lord. Please pray that they will come to faith in Yeshua!”

Also from the CIS, outreach worker Larissa Savelieva reports, “A year ago, I ran into a former neighbor named Alik. We talked about Jesus and the Bible and he told me that he had difficulty understanding the gospel. However, he did not want to receive any of our literature so I’ve been praying for him ever since. Recently, our CLIM (volunteer) told me that a new Jewish believer in Jesus would be attending our Sabbath service. That new Jewish believer turned out to be Alik! Praise the Lord!”

Branch leader Stephen Pacht writes from Paris, “We are encouraged by the recent developments here. Sammed, a Moroccan Muslim, prayed with us to receive Yeshua and has been attending church ever since. A Jewish woman named Sophie spent some time at the office and then prayed to receive the Lord. In addition, an Israeli couple—Shimon and his French-born wife Cecile—came to a branch party and I was pleased to see Yalli, a newish Jewish believer, talking to Shimon about Jesus. Please pray for Shimon and Cecile to open their hearts to Him.”

Missionary Efraim Goldstein reports from Israel, “Kaliyah had given us her name and phone number during one of our sorties (tract-passing expeditions). After repeated unsuccessful attempts to reach her, outreach worker Moshe Shuai finally heard back from her. He and I met with Kaliyah at a Tel Aviv coffee shop. She was well-versed in the Scriptures and as the conversation progressed, it was apparent that she believed Yeshua was the Messiah and wanted forgiveness for her sins. Moshe seized the opportunity and asked Kaliyah if she was willing to pray with him to receive Yeshua as her Messiah. And she did! Please pray for Kaliyah to grow in her faith and to get established in a congregation.”

From New York, missionary trainee Miriam Abramov (see pp. 4,5) reports, “During a difficult sortie, I prayed that God would send some encouragement. Soon after, a man approached me saying, ‘Praise the Lord. I’m Jewish and I love Jesus!’ As I was getting his name and address, he mentioned that the woman with him was also Jewish, but did not believe in Jesus. I immediately turned my attention to his friend, Cara. She told me she remembered that as a little girl, her grandfather had promised that her name was in the book of life. I explained the gospel and asked Cara if she was ready to pray a prayer of salvation and she did! Her friend bubbled over with excitement as I assured her that her name was now written in the Lamb’s Book of Life through Yeshua the Jewish Messiah.”