Better Than Turkey Tidbits

We wanted to pass on a sampling of blessings for which we are thankful:

We are thankful for fruitful ministry in Israel. Recently two Israelis, Shlomo and Lenair, called after receiving our broadsides. Outreach worker Moshe Shuai prayed with them to receive the Lord.

We are thankful that our last group of trainees are now serving effectively here, there and everywhere! Michael and Teresa Sischy are back in South Africa with their little boy Eliyah. (Natalie Sachs from the previous class of trainees left New York to return with them.) Asher Avromovsky is ministering in London and Nici Meyer will become Nici Smith later this month, joining her husband, Garrett Smith, in our Washington, D.C. branch. (We are always thankful when two of our staff members fall in love and decide to serve the Lord together!).

We are thankful for our current class of trainees in New York City (see pp. 4, 5).

We are thankful that, so far, our Future Hope Campaign has seen over 6400 people request this evangelistic end times prophecy book; more than 1700 of whom are Jewish*.

We are thankful that our Summer Witnessing Campaigns” continued past the summer. Following the New York, London and Paris Campaigns, we also had Campaigns in St. Petersburg and Moscow. We don’t yet have the final reports in from Moscow, but Campaigners handed out a total of 1,900,789 broadsides in the other cities, and received names and addresses of 1621 Jewish people willing to hear more about Jesus.

We are thankful to finally have our own building at our Chicago branch! Upstairs, we have apartments for our approved students who are attending Moody Bible Institute, and downstairs we have the office, a storefront bookstore, a meeting room and the necessary facilities. Since we’ve been holding our branch Bible studies at the new building, attendance has increased to about 50 people who come regularly, and a deeper sense of community is developing.

We are thankful that God truly does work all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. This often translates into a phrase our founder, Moishe Rosen, coined back in the 1970s: “Every knock is a boost.” That certainly proved to be the case over the summer with our Future Hope Campaign. When Joan Rivers lambasted our ministry over the airwaves in protest of our radio spot, she turned our Secular Media Outreach into a media event. As a result, we received additional airtime and newspaper coverage for the gospel. We sent her roses and a T-shirt with the message “Jesus for Joan,” about which she did not comment. The subject came up again when Larry King asked her about the controversy with Jews for Jesus on his live television show. Once again, the Messiahship of Jesus became an unavoidable issue!

*We know that 1737 responders are Jewish, but this does not include the number of Jewish responders on the Internet.


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