November 1999 Newsletter (5760:3)

Thanksgiving Is a Three-Way Street
November 1, 1999

It was Saturday afternoon and I had taken my two children bowling. As we drove home it dawned on me that neither of them had said, Thank you.” When I pointed it out to them, my son Isaac said, “Dad, I am thankful. I just didn’t say it out loud.” I’d never heard that one […]

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We Are Thankful for Our Co-Laborers in Messiah!

Jews for Jesus Co-Laborers in Messiah (CLIMs) are trained volunteers who represent our ministry in their area. We have 82 Co-Laborer in Messiah chapters throughout the United States as well as in Mexico City, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the former Soviet Union. These folks help us in so many ways. As […]

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Meet Our Missionary Trainees
Author: Shlomy A

My name is Shlomy. They call me a Sabra (in Hebrew Tsabar”) which means I am a native-born Israeli. Sabra is also the name of the Israeli cactus. I was once like that thorny cactus. I was born into a traditional Jewish family and as a boy I loved it. But when I was 13, […]

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Better Than Turkey Tidbits

We wanted to pass on a sampling of blessings for which we are thankful: We are thankful for fruitful ministry in Israel. Recently two Israelis, Shlomo and Lenair, called after receiving our broadsides. Outreach worker Moshe Shuai prayed with them to receive the Lord. We are thankful that our last group of trainees are now […]

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Thanksgiving Reflections from the Editor
Author: Ruth Rosen

As I was editing David Brickner’s article (pp. 1, 2), I was especially impressed by his thought that when genuine thanksgiving flows from our heart, it refreshes those around us. I wanted to consider other ways that thanks-giving promotes good spiritual health within the community of God. Here are a few thoughts for starters: Genuine […]

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Bits from the Branches

From London, missionary Rahel Landrum reports, Ian, a Jewish man whom Mark* has been meeting with for a year-and-a-half came to faith. He invited us to his home for a barbecue and when almost everybody left, we had the chance to speak with Ian alone in the garden. He had been under some financial pressure […]

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