From Los Angeles, missionary Holly Meyer reports, I was reading Moishe and Ceil’s Witnessing to Jews while riding a bus. It was the chapter that explains the ‘WOW’ (Witnessing on the Way) approach, and how ordinary situations can provide opportunities to see if a person is interested in the Lord. Well, a young woman sitting near me sneezed, and I said, ‘God bless you.’ She thanked me. I thought about the ‘WOW’ approach and quickly responded, ‘Do you believe in God?’ She said, ‘Yes, but we’re not talking to each other right now.’ In the few remaining minutes of the bus ride we introduced ourselves. Windie explained that her father is Catholic and her mother is an Israeli, and she is confused. I briefly told her my story, and asked her if she’d like to get together to talk further about Jesus. She was agreeable, so I promised to call and plan a time. I jumped off the bus at my stop and thanked God for this divine appointment. Please pray that Windie will indeed meet with me. We’ve talked several times by phone but she overslept and missed our first visit.

Also from Los Angeles, branch leader Tuvya Zaretsky says, “I was handing out tracts at the Santa Monica pier when a young Hispanic man, Tony, walked by and took a tract. He made a quick U-turn, came back and said, ‘I need to find God.’ It turns out that Tony had had a near-death experience the night before. He was convinced that the Lord had spared his life to give him one more opportunity to know the Savior. (He’d been listening to a Christian radio station for several months and was convinced of the gospel but did not want to surrender to Jesus.) Soon I was leading Tony in a prayer of repentance. Later that evening, I saw him waiting for a bus. He asked for some tracts so he could give them to people on the bus. Already, he wanted to tell others about Jesus!”

From San Francisco, branch leader David Mishkin reports, “Avner is a young Israeli computer programmer who called our branch to learn more about Jesus. Garrett Smith and I visited him and he seemed very eager to study the Scriptures. Then he went back to Israel for a few weeks and we wondered if we would hear from him again. But when he returned, he was anxious to continue meeting and studying the Bible. As we completed our study of John 3, Avner readily admitted his need for Jesus and invited Him into his heart!”

Also in San Francisco, Diane Cohen worked for many years as a nurse and now she has quite a ministry to elderly Jewish women. Recently two of the women she’s been meeting with accepted Christ: Flora Belle, with whom Diane had been meeting for several months, and Geraldine, with whom she has been meeting for several years! Praise the Lord!

Rick Dumas, one of our co-laborers (volunteers) as well as a long-time friend and supporter, organized a special outreach in Pittsburgh, PA. Suzanne, one of the volunteers, tells the following story: “I was handing out tracts at a Pirates game when a man who had earlier taken one came back and began asking questions like, ‘Why do children suffer?’ and ‘Does it really do any good to pray?’ I told him about Jesus and answered his questions as best I could. Then I told him I had prayed for him earlier that day. He looked startled, so I explained, ‘Before I came, I prayed and asked God to give me words to say to the person out there who has a seeking heart and honest questions and who really wants to know Him!’ He seemed to melt as he said, ‘Really?! I read this paper and just couldn’t go into the game. I had to come back and talk.’ I invited him to pray and repent of his sins, and he did! He walked away with joy in his heart and a spring in his step. Please pray for our new brother, Nick.” (Nick was one of six people who came to faith during this outreach. While none of the six were Jewish, seven Jewish people did ask to receive more information about Jesus.)

Many of our co-laborers work strictly behind the scenes, while others look for opportunities to do direct evangelism. If you would like to know more about this program, please contact Cecilia Butcher at the address on the bottom of page 2.