November 1998 Newsletter (5759:3)

Who Can Celebrate Thanksgiving?
November 1, 1998

Can an atheist celebrate Thanksgiving? Can an agnostic observe the Pilgrim feast? Many professed atheists and agnostics in America expect to do just that! Further, tens of thousands of people who say they believe in God will not include Him in their holiday plans. The very word Thanksgiving” implies someone to receive the thanks that…

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Jews for Jesus News
Topics: thanksgiving

We have been pleased to be a member of the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association (IFMA) for many years. This year, we are delighted to have a member of our Jews for Jesus staff, Susan Perlman, serving as President of this fine organization. (This is in addition to her many responsibilities at our Jews for Jesus…

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Thanksgiving Day Parade

Traditions abound at Thanksgiving time. One time-honored tradition at our New York branch is handing out hot chocolate the night before Thanksgiving to crowds who gather to watch the inflating of giant balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Then we have a big outreach the following day at the actual parade. Last year nine…

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New York
Topics: thanksgiving

For some time we’ve needed a team of leaders to share the opportunities and burdens New York City presents as our flagship/training branch. Thanks be to God, such a team is now in place! Meet Avi Snyder (a native New Yorker) My wife Ruth and I joined the staff of Jews for Jesus in 1978….

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Jewish Evangelism Then and Now part 4
Author: Moishe Rosen

Part four in a series, condensed from a paper presented to the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism By the end of World War II, there was no longer a need for the large institutional missions that provided relief and aid to the poor on a regular basis. That need had previously been a strong draw…

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Bits from the Branches

From Los Angeles, missionary Holly Meyer reports, I was reading Moishe and Ceil’s Witnessing to Jews while riding a bus. It was the chapter that explains the ‘WOW’ (Witnessing on the Way) approach, and how ordinary situations can provide opportunities to see if a person is interested in the Lord. Well, a young woman sitting…

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