Ruth Rosen, who edits our newsletter as well as much of our evangelistic literature is thankful that God sometimes interrupts” her work at the computer with an opportunity to speak to a Jewish person about the Lord. Carol, from Columbus, Ohio, was one such caller. She, too, has something for which to be thankful!

“I want to thank you for your help. I received some info from your web site and found a California address. I decided I really could not wait for the mail, so I used the address on the Postcard and called. I am terrible with names but I do remember the last name of the woman I talked to was Rosen.

“She explained that accepting Yeshua was the most Jewish thing I could do and after a few minutes of conversation she asked me who I thought Yeshua [Jesus] was. I told her I was leaning toward believing He was who He claimed to be—the Messiah who died for our sins. She asked what would stop me from accepting Him as Messiah now and I could think of no reason except family [i.e. fear of their reaction].

“I accepted Yeshua as my Savior on last Monday. What a difference it has made already.

“Thanks for being there and being compassionate. If there is ever any way I could serve you in Columbus, OH, I will gladly do so. I am going to remain as “cantor” at least singing the service at the Reform temple on Fridays. That is a long way from my Orthodox upbringing.

“Thanks again.”

And two weeks later, we were delighted to receive this e-mail:

“Coming to know Yeshua has been a truly life altering experience. I feel that I must tell my Jewish friends about a certain rabbi who was Jewish, perfect, sinless and the son of G-D. The more I learn about Yeshua, the more excited I am to tell others. Beyond the literature you sent, do you have any training and materials I can use to tell others?”

Thank you for helping us be there for people like Carol!


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