Dear Friends,

In Bible times, those who wanted the higher view, the deeper understanding, the straighter walk with God and the energy to enjoy it followed a spiritual exercise—SACRIFICE!

We no longer need those animal sacrifices because Jesus has atoned for sin. All that we have—from our salvation to sturdy shoe laces—is because God, in His grace, chose to give it through Calvary. In fact, the best theological exposition of grace to me is this simple acronym:

GRACE – God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense

Even though Christ paid it all” through His atoning sacrifice, you can act to show your love for Him by making a THANKSGIVING SACRIFICE.

A sacrifice is more than giving “something extra.” It entails doing without something. You take the cost of what you are giving up, and give it to the Lord.

The ancient sacrifices ranged from a bullock worth several months’ labor to a dove worth perhaps two hours of work. The important thing is not what you give, but what you are willing to forgo for your sacrifice.

As a thanksgiving sacrifice, would you like to give a week’s pay and deny yourself the joy of what that amount could provide? If not a week, maybe one day? If not a day, maybe an hour? You could even give as much as a month’s salary and make that whole month special—knowing you were dedicating each day as a sacrifice to God.

We’ve provided two response cards. One will enable you to make a sacrifice that Jews for Jesus will put on the altar along with our own efforts, so that many will hear the gospel. Whether your sacrifice is equal to a month, a week, a day, or an hour of your labor, we promise to use it to tell about Yeshua’s sacrifice to reconcile to God everyone who will believe and receive Him.

Even if you don’t feel led of God to give part or all of your thanksgiving sacrifice to our ministry, we’d still like to have a part in your spiritual exercise. You can send the other card directly to your own church or to any other ministry along with the most generous donation you can give, over and above your regular giving. (Please do not ask us to forward gifts.) By using this second card, you keep the idea of sacrificial giving alive!

Jesus was not joking when He said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). God will use whatever you’re able to give to bless the recipients greatly. Yet that blessing pales in comparison to how He will bless you for sacrificing.

We can’t promise you that if you give a lot, God will shower you with money in return. He has other ways of blessing—perhaps through your friends, your children, or more opportunities to minister. However He does it, we guarantee that He will always give you a bountiful, beautiful, multiplied blessing in return for your sacrifice.

Don’t you love Him? Don’t you believe Him? Don’t you trust His Word? Then make a sacrifice!

If you can make a sacrificial gift at this time, I hope you’ll consider sending it—or perhaps part of it—to Jews for Jesus. Perhaps you feel especially thankful to God for the way He’s used the Jewish people to bring the Scriptures and the Messiah into the world. Whatever you send us will be money multiplied to help more Jews know their Messiah personally!

As we come to the end of 1997, we’re facing a large deficit. This year our evangelistic enterprises were far more extensive—and expensive—than we anticipated. Our efforts cost us more energy and some heartache, but praise God, we’ve seen many Jews and Gentiles—hundreds and thousands—come to faith in Christ.

Yet unless some of our friends are willing to make sacrificial gifts, our executive director faces the tough duty of cutting back on our outreach programs. That would mean cutting our staff, handing out fewer gospel tracts, or placing fewer of our gospel advertisements in newspapers and magazines for our Advent outreach.

So if you were ever looking for a very good time to give a very sacrificial gift to God, this is a providential time. To designate that gift, or part of it, for the ministry of Jews for Jesus, please use the larger response card with the fold-over flap. It’s perforated so you can keep one half to record the blessing and return the other half to us with your sacrificial gift. Please pray about it. Whatever you do, may it be with great thanksgiving to God, from whom all blessings flow!


Moishe Rosen