November 1997 Newsletter (5758:3)

A Challenge: To Let Yourself Grow
November 1, 1997
Topics: sukkot, peace
Author: Moishe Rosen

Dear Friends, In Bible times, those who wanted the higher view, the deeper understanding, the straighter walk with God and the energy to enjoy it followed a spiritual exercise—SACRIFICE! We no longer need those animal sacrifices because Jesus has atoned for sin. All that we have—from our salvation to sturdy shoe laces—is because God, in…

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Thanksgiving Is an Event
Topics: thanksgiving
Author: David Brickner

THANKSGIVING should be a special event, but for many it is reduced to a ho-hum, hum-drum knot in a string of otherwise endless days. For those people, Thanksgiving merely means ingesting and digesting another traditional turkey before watching another traditional football game. Either might cause indigestion but neither will be remembered beyond the leftovers and…

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Encouraging Words of Thanks

Jeannine, a Jewish believer from Pasadena, CA says: I am thankful to Jews for Jesus because they were the first link between me and Jesus. 14 years ago I saw Avi Snyder handing out tracts in Los Angeles (in Westwood) and I, a non-believer, argued with him. God is still using Jews for Jesus in…

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Words of Thanksgiving from the Field

From the Field in London, our staff is thankful to the Lord for a facility in a superb location. Wendy, who often minds our book shop located on the well travelled Finchly Road, as well as doing office work in the back room of the shop, says, We’ve had several very open Jewish people come…

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The Greatest Sacrifice

The greatest sacrifice we can give is to place ourselves daily on the altar; to give ourselves to God—our bodies, our souls, our moments, our thoughts, our desires—and to the extent that we are able to do that, we will have great joy and a tremendous outpouring of God’s blessings. I beseech you therefore, brethren,…

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Carol’s Story

Ruth Rosen, who edits our newsletter as well as much of our evangelistic literature is thankful that God sometimes interrupts” her work at the computer with an opportunity to speak to a Jewish person about the Lord. Carol, from Columbus, Ohio, was one such caller. She, too, has something for which to be thankful! “I…

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