Lyn Bond, missionary in Dallas, Texas, is thankful for our Co-Laborer Mike Falls and for God’s faithfulness (not in that order!). Mike introduced Lyn to Elfreide, an elderly Jewish woman, last fall. Lyn and Elfreide studied the Bible together regularly for nearly a year. Elfreide seemed drawn to Jesus, but she struggled, knowing that belief in Him would go against Jewish tradition. Lyn asked what kept her from turning to Jesus, and Elfreide replied, Loyalty to God.” So they talked about Jesus’ claim to be God. On the next visit, when Lyn asked Elfreide if she was ready to trust Jesus, the reply was yes. Please pray for Elfreide’s continued spiritual growth.

Victoria Lannon, who has been a part-time outreach worker to the Jewish community in Washington, D.C., is thankful for the opportunity to serve full time now. She has been praying that the Lord would bring her more Russian Jews to witness to, and He has been answering that prayer. One of the people she’s recently met is Tanya, who lives in the same apartment complex. They met by the pool. Tanya is from Moscow and began to believe in Jesus there. She said that she and her husband had just been praying to meet Jewish believers in Jesus because they didn’t want to lose their Jewish heritage, but they wanted to grow as Christians. Both Victoria and Tanya are thankful that God brought them together as answers to one another’s prayers.

Stan Meyer, missionary in Los Angeles, is thankful that Stephan L. contacted our office last April. A Christian friend in North Carolina had encouraged him to read the Scriptures and he called us to learn more. He began meeting with Stan on his lunch breaks from the Eyecare Center, where he is the financial accountant.

They’d been studying the Bible together for four months when Stan asked Stephan if he understood that Jesus is God and that He came and died for our sins. Stephan replied that he understood Christianity on an intellectual level. Stan invited him to bring that understanding to a soul level and Stephan accepted, asking Jesus to be Lord of his life.

Tuvya Zaretsky, chief of station in Los Angeles, is thankful to God for Steve, who was once on our staff and is now serving the Lord as the pastor of a Messianic congregation in Palm Springs, California. Steve has continued to make evangelism a focus of his ministry. On Saturday, August 10, Tuvya was the guest speaker at Steve’s congregation. A Jewish woman named Linda made a decision to follow the Messiah Yeshua at that service.

Our missionary in Israel is thankful to God and to those of you who responded to our request for help to purchase a van. He says, “Having a van sure makes life different! I’ve been following up contacts sent in from New York City and London, where many Israelis go for a holiday and end up seeing our missionaries on the streets. I’m thankful that I can follow up on so many more people in person. When I dropped in on Michal in Kiriat Haim near Haifa, she said all she expected was literature in the mail, not a real person bringing her the literature!

“Another contact, Anita (referred to me from London), was so pleased that Marcos (a local volunteer) and I dropped in to see her. She was bursting with spiritual ideas that she wanted to discuss. Her brother also wanted to talk about the Lord. So Marcos talked with Anita while I spoke with her brother, Me’or. They both want us to come back.

“Following up on a contact from local sources brought me to a little village in the mountains near Haifa. When I got there I asked for the Mizrachi family—and was informed that many families in that village are named Mizrachi! So I mentioned the first name of the person I was to visit, and someone directed me to her house. Her father said she wasn’t home, but he invited me in. We sat down together, and I shared the gospel with him for about 20 minutes. Finally he said that another woman in the village had the same name as his daughter. So because of a little confusion, I got an extra opportunity to witness.”

RenTe Abend says: “I became a believer in Yeshua through the ministry of Jews for Jesus in 1982 here in New York City. Since then, I had always wanted to be able to work for the ministry. In 1994 God opened the door for me to take an administrative position in our New York office. My husband, who is not a believer, was only tolerant at first. Over the last two years, he has grown accepting of my position and even supportive. I have more freedom to join with our staff and constituency for such things as our Friday night chapel, and my husband has even joined me for special events with the staff and volunteers. I am thankful for the Lord’s continued work in Richard’s life and for the opportunities to tell him more about Jesus.”