The 20 months that I trained with Jews for Jesus in New York City was the greatest learning experience of my life. I praise the Lord for bringing me back to South Africa where I know He wants me serving Him. I have returned as a changed person. I left South Africa as a relatively new believer. I have come back as a missionary equipped to reach out to the people of my country and my community. I give thanks to the Lord for having provided me with the most golden opportunity to serve Him, and I am thankful to all those who gave both of their time and substance that I might better serve the Messiah!

Upon arrival home, I found myself in a dramatically changed land. (I left right after the elections in 1994.) I knew something was going right as I tried to settle into the hustle and bustle of the South African way of life and was able to arrange my first two visits without much effort.

Samuel H. had received a Letter of Witness”* and had it on his desk when I came in. He also had a New Testament. When I asked if he had been reading it, he replied, “For many years.” He told me that he had been having “Christian feelings” for quite some time but hadn’t done anything about it yet. As you can see, Samuel was part of the field that is “white unto harvest.” I prayed with him right away to begin a new life in Jesus—my first visit in South Africa!!!!

Then I went to see Maisie L. in hospital. She could not afford a pricey private clinic and with some trepidation had allowed herself to be taken to a black hospital near where she lives. This is the new South Africa! I went to visit Maisie in a huge dormitory-like ward with many beds. She was the only white woman I could see. God had placed her in the midst of many faithful Christians who staff that hospital. She confided in me, “They are treating me like a queen here. They are so good and gentle and kind. Day after day the nurses and their friends come around and sing [gospel] to me, and then they hold my hands and pray! It’s wonderful!” I explained that these faithful women believed in our Jewish Messiah and that it was time for Maisie to accept Him too. She also prayed to repent and follow Jesus. My second visit in SA! I drove home praising God, as you can imagine.

I should also add that I am extremely happy to announce that Jenifer Hall (missionary in Chicago for one more month) and I are engaged to be married. Jenifer and I served on two Summer Witnessing Campaigns together and have known each other for over a year. We thank the Lord for bringing us together, and we look forward to working as a team within the larger Jews for Jesus team. We hope that together we will bring glory to God.

*We have a Letter of Witness program that enables us to witness to your Jewish friends. If you send us their names and addresses, one of our missionaries will send his or her story to that person, along with an offer of a free subscription to ISSUES, our bi-monthly publication for seekers. Where geography permits, we follow up on these letters with personal contact. If you would like us to send your Jewish friends(s) a Letter of Witness, send their name, address, and phone number. We need your name and address as well, though we will not mention it to your Jewish friend unless you want us to.