November 1996 Newsletter (5757:3)

The Power of Thanksgiving
November 1, 1996

Thanksgiving can change your life. Really. I’m not talking about the holiday, though I know it’s that time of year. I’m talking about being thankful and giving thanks. And if you’re like me, you’ll agree it’s never too early or too...

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Coming Home

by Ruth H. You met her in August (More Than Survivors”), and we praised the Lord for answered prayer in September—now Ruth tells a bit of her own story as a thanksgiving to God. Let me start by telling you that I am one of the Holocaust survivors. There were...

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A Different Homecoming
Topics: thanksgiving
Author: Lev Leigh

The 20 months that I trained with Jews for Jesus in New York City was the greatest learning experience of my life. I praise the Lord for bringing me back to South Africa where I know He wants me serving Him. I have returned as a changed person. I left South Africa as...

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We’re Thankful
Topics: thanksgiving

Lyn Bond, missionary in Dallas, Texas, is thankful for our Co-Laborer Mike Falls and for God’s faithfulness (not in that order!). Mike introduced Lyn to Elfreide, an elderly Jewish woman, last fall. Lyn and Elfreide studied the Bible together regularly for...

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We’re Thankful That They’re Thankful

We are thankful for every opportunity to count in someone’s life. Sometimes we sow, water and reap the gospel seed. Sometimes we reap where others have sown, and sometimes we sow, not knowing who will reap. We thought you might like to hear from a few of the...

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The Only Hope for Peace Was Born in the Middle East

Dear Friend in Christ, It is our prayer, at this thanksgiving season, that your heart and home be filled with the blessings of thankfulness to God. We at Jews for Jesus are certainly thankful to God for you, and even more important, our hearts resonate along with the...

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