A word of thanks to those of you who have been caring and sharing with us for many years: We are grateful to have you standing with us, praying for us and giving your financial support to help us reach Jews and Gentiles for Jesus.

Many of you know that it is crucial for us to win more friends like you. Every month we meet Christians who are willing to hear from us via this Newsletter. We don’t know how much or how often they will read it, but we do know we can’t expect them to be as committed as you are right away.

I hope you won’t mind if we include something each month to help our newer friends understand the importance of Jewish evangelism. While faithful friends like you are already informed and convinced, we might only have a few months to win the hearts of new readers. Many have not had occasion to think about the importance of bringing the gospel to the Jewish people until now. We will continue to provide you with accounts of missionary adventures, thought-provoking lead articles and bits of humor and information you probably won’t see elsewhere. But if we also occasionally include something that is basic to your understanding of missions, please realize that it will be news to many of our readers. Pray that God uses it to touch the minds and hearts of our newer readers so that many more will become faithful friends like you.

Sincerely yours,

Ruth Rosen,