Rev. Darryl Stuehrenberg at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Florida called our Chief of Station Steve Cohen to say, There is a Jewish couple attending our Discovery class. They are asking questions that you are better qualified to answer. Could you visit them?”

Mike and Lori were glad to hear from Steve, but between rearing their four young children and tending Mike’s home-based business, it wasn’t easy for them to set up an appointment. Steve mailed off some literature, then they set and reset appointments to meet.

Finally on Tuesday, at 8:30 P.M. Steve met with Mike and Lori in their home. Clearly they had prepared for the visit; from the beginning their questions showed much thought and consideration. They seemed encouraged by his answers, then the phone rang. It was Mike’s mother. He told her that he was meeting with someone from Jews for Jesus. She wasn’t thrilled.

Finally, Mike made reference to Steve’s story, Disowned, which he had read with interest. By the end of the evening, they all prayed together and Mike and Lori both asked Jesus into their hearts. Thank you, Rev. Stuehrenberg, and thank you, Lord! This is exactly the way it should be, as Jews for Jesus works hand in hand with local bodies of believers.