Good-bye and Hello…

In 1980, Jhan and Melissa Moskowitz left San Francisco to continue our work in Chicago. It was a big step for the Moskowitz’s but little did I know it would lead to a big step for me as well. You see, Melissa had been the editor of our Newsletter. I was a bit taken aback when Moishe Rosen called me into his office and said, I need you to edit the Newsletter.” In fact, I was scared. I liked to write and had enjoyed assisting Melissa occasionally, but take over completely? “I don’t think I want full responsibility,” I began, but Moishe looked me in the eye and announced, “There’s no one else to do it right now.”

“Okay,” I said resignedly. “I’ll try it for three months. If it doesn’t go well, you’ll just have to find someone else.” (Of course that’s not the type of response the Executive Director expects from his staff—but at the time, I was not part of his staff. I was merely his wife!*)

Fifteen years later I am truly grateful that “there was no one else” because it has been a wonderful experience to be your editor. For the most part, I have considered the work a privilege and a delight. (Well, sometimes the work was less than delightful, but that’s life!) I enjoy enhancing someone else’s work—much more so than waiting for inspiration in front of a blank piece of paper or, more recently, a blank computer screen. I have written my own articles occasionally, but perhaps best of all, it has been a pleasure to be a link between our hard-working missionary staff and all our wonderful readers. I found it a joy to select from all our adventures and reflections so that you could know about the exciting things God was doing with and for the Jews for Jesus ministry.

Now the time has come for me to place the reins in someone else’s hands. I have considered, even looked forward to, relinquishing the editorship for a couple of years; still I am a bit sad to be saying good-bye. Yet I am pleased to present Ruth Rosen as your new editor, not merely because she is my daughter, but because she is a dedicated servant of God as well as a talented writer who has proven herself more than capable of this new task.

Ruth is a graduate of Biola College and has served as a general missionary in Los Angeles and New York City. She is interested in art, children’s books and photography as a hobby.

Among her accomplishments, Ruth made my life as an editor much easier by teaching me to use a computer (it took lots of patience on her part!). You may know her as the one who compiled and edited a number of Jewish believers’ testimonies for our Testimonies book (previously titled Jesus for Jews). For ten years, she has edited the Mishpochah Message, our quarterly publication for Jewish believers. She has written many of the tracts we distribute and has contributed to several of our pamphlets and books. She also edits our internal staff report, which means she hears from the missionaries on a weekly basis. The “Bits from the Branches” are pieces she’s been submitting to me from those reports—just one of many ideas she has to keep you in touch with our ministry.

Most recently, Ruth compiled, edited and collaborated on layout for the second edition of our Jews for Jesus Journal. That full-color 48-page publication was her “baptism by fire” in preparation for the position of Newsletter editor. Moishe said if she could do that, she could do anything, and he was right! As I bid our readers good-bye, I would like to say, “The Jews for Jesus Newsletter is going to be better than ever!” and to Ruth, “Go to it! I knew you were going to be a writer when you were only six years old!”

*editor’s note: And of course she still is the wife of the Executive Director; they celebrated their forty-fifth wedding anniversary this year!


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