November 1995 Newsletter (5756:3)

God Appreciates Us
November 1, 1995
Author: Moishe Rosen

When I say God appreciates us, I mean something more than just the common usage of the term. For example, I might say that I appreciate the extra cup of coffee in a restaurant or my wife’s patience with me when I’m late for dinner, and often I write to tell you that I appreciate […]

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Good-bye and Hello…
Author: Ceil Rosen

In 1980, Jhan and Melissa Moskowitz left San Francisco to continue our work in Chicago. It was a big step for the Moskowitz’s but little did I know it would lead to a big step for me as well. You see, Melissa had been the editor of our Newsletter. I was a bit taken aback […]

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Please Note…
Author: Moishe Rosen

Jews for Jesus is accredited by several outstanding organizations: the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism, World Evangelical Fellowship and many others. Perhaps the one that requires us to be most accountable to their high standards is the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association. We feel it is very important for you […]

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Two Men Who Lived Life Well Finish the Course: More Winners in Heaven—Part One
Author: Stephen Katz

When Moishe Rosen heard that Charles Feinberg was in a Bay Area nursing home, he asked me to schedule regular visits with him. I am grateful that he did, for in Dr. Charles Feinberg I found a lasting role model of faith. As we visited, I grew to love Dr. Feinberg. We would talk together […]

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Do You Really Reap What You Sow?

Reaping the consequences of our behavior is one thing (what goes around” quite often does “come around”). Yet when it comes to sowing gospel seed, you never know who will reap what you sow. For example: Missionary David Rothstein arranged to meet Don at his tenth floor Madison Avenue office (Don is a CPA). Don […]

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The Way It Should Be

Rev. Darryl Stuehrenberg at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Florida called our Chief of Station Steve Cohen to say, There is a Jewish couple attending our Discovery class. They are asking questions that you are better qualified to answer. Could you visit them?” Mike and Lori were glad to hear from Steve, but between rearing […]

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To Our Faithful Friends
Author: Ruth Rosen

A word of thanks to those of you who have been caring and sharing with us for many years: We are grateful to have you standing with us, praying for us and giving your financial support to help us reach Jews and Gentiles for Jesus. Many of you know that it is crucial for us […]

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Bits From the Branches

A Tale of Two Joshuas Josh Sofaer had a few weeks to work on Campaign follow-up in New York City before he and his wife, Annette, moved to our Los Angeles branch. Joshua says, After the Campaign it is always a challenge to meet who is hot, and prepare for who is not. Probably the […]

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