He was so very serious. His eyes gazed up at me intently as I explained that Yeshua died as an atonement for everyone, and that includes little Jewish boys. I’ve shared the gospel with all kinds of people before—Jews, Muslims, Hare Krishnas, transvestites, the hostile and the complacent—but never with an eight-year-old boy.

In Jews for Jesus we have a policy that we will minister to minors only with parental consent. It is not every day that we receive permission from parents, but that was certainly the case with Corey. His Gentile mother was a believer in Jesus, and his Jewish father was not. Corey’s mother was very excited to see The Liberated Wailing Wall perform at her church, and she was happy to give me some time with her son.

I was a bit nervous to say the least. What if Corey didn’t understand? What if I couldn’t relate his need for Yeshua in a way he could grasp? Thank God for the Holy Spirit!

Corey can you explain sin to me?” I asked.

“No,” he said.

“Sin separates us from God. It is like a mountain that stands between you and God. You can’t get over it, under it, around it or through it, but God can, and He did that just to reach you. Everyone has sin, Corey. You can see it in all the bad things we do and see it in the people around us. Have you ever disobeyed your parents?”

He nodded solemnly.

“That is because you and I have that sin nature,” I said.

Corey knew what I was talking about. “And Yeshua came to save us from our sin so that we can be with God forever and ever!” he declared.

“Yes! That’s right, Corey. Would you like to know and experience that salvation?” I asked.

He nodded happily, and we prayed together to ask Yeshua into Corey’s heart. That day Corey went home with a new Friend. Yeshua is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother. Corey knows that now.