Old Jack Frost has already poked his head out, and it looks like we are in for a long, cold Canadian winter. We Jews for Jesus will be too busy to mind the cold. We have people to visit, Bible studies to teach and broadside tracts to distribute. With all those good opportunities we will be kept nice and warm fanning the flame of evangelism.

We will be at the University of Toronto . With one of the largest student enrollments in Canada , it is a great place to distribute broadsides and engage many Jewish students in conversation.

We will be at the Sky Dome. During the Argonauts football games we cannot get the tracts out of our hands fast enough as the crowds rush by. (Have you ever tried distributing tracts while wearing gloves?)

We will be at the annual Santa Claus Lane Parade on University Avenue . Christmas season begins in Toronto with this parade, and the streets are so thick with people that one can barely walk. The parade has become a tradition with us Jews for Jesus, too − not that we are waiting to see Old Saint Nick, but how can we miss the opportunity to pass out tens of thousands of tracts?

The parade begins our Christmas outreach. This year we are planning to distribute more than 100,000 Christmas broadsides. We even have them translated into French and will send a team to distribute them in Montreal .

Our winter plans also include a special Hanukkah service on December 22. We will be inviting Jewish people who expressed an interest in knowing more about faith in Jesus. We will give them an opportunity to come and hear about Y ‘shua, the Light of the World.

The year will end for us with a big missions conference in Hamilton . Several thousand are expected to attend. Jews for Jesus will have a display booth, and we will conduct two workshops on how to witness to Jewish people.

So you see, with all that going on, we won’t have time to worry about the weather. But in case there are any Jewish mothers out there worrying about our health, don’t worry. We will remember to wear our extra sweaters, scarves and boots and even wear a toque (wool stocking cap) if it starts to snow. Then before we know it, the snow will have melted and it will be time for us to get ready for Victoria Day again.