The 24th of May marks Queen Victoria ‘s birthday and the end of a long cold winter. Born and bred Canadians know that you never put away your winter clothes and bring out your spring colors or summer whites until Victoria Day.

For some this celebration in honor of Queen Victoria is nothing more than a long three-day weekend. For others, like the children, Victoria Day is firecracker time. Families gather in the evening to watch the displays of Roman candles wooshing through the air.

Though Queen Victoria reigned over the largest empire in human history, there is one who is more important − Jesus, the King of Kings. We Jews for Jesus try never to miss an opportunity to tell others about the Lord of the Universe and his empire, so last Victoria Day the Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers took to the streets, tract bags filled to the brim and slung over our shoulders. Some of us stood in front of the ballpark as the capacity crowd filed in and filled the stadium. Some of us went down to the Harbor Front and stood by the ferry boat dock as thousands of people ferried out to Center Island for a family picnic. But the big event of the day was the evening’s display of fireworks. People gathered by the tens of thousands to watch, and we distributed more than 25,000 gospel tracts that day.

Each of us had some really good opportunities to talk with interested Jewish people about faith in Jesus. Of course, we didn’t limit our witnessing only to Jews. The gospel is for everyone, as Romans 1:16 says,"to the Jew first, and also to the Greek (Gentile)."

Many gave us their names and addresses and requested that we mail them more information about faith in Jesus. The icing on the cake came later in the week as we received a phone call from a certain Jewish woman who had received one of our tracts at the Blue Jays game. She was reading the New Testament her Christian neighbor had given her and was very encouraged to hear about other Jews who believed that Jesus is the promised Messiah. Her husband didn’t know she was thinking about these things. I offered some suggestions, sent her the story of a Jewish believer and prayed with her over the phone. For several weeks we have studied the Bible together over the phone. Please pray with and for this woman as she considers and struggles with the issue of Jesus.

I also thank God for her Christian neighbor who risked their friendship by being courageous enough to witness to her. If there were more Christians in the world like that woman there would be more Jews who are for Jesus.


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