November 1989 Newsletter (5750:1)

November 1, 1989
Author: Moishe Rosen

We Jews for Jesus seem to have a reputation in both Christian and non-Christian circles. Some who share our love for the Lord and our burden for Jewish evangelism see us as knights in shining armor. Others who feel threatened by us or our message see us as quite the...

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The Holy Spirit
Author: Moishe Rosen

Before they become believers, Jewish people cannot understand the Trinity. Some think that Father, Son and Holy Ghost means the Creator of the universe, a human hero to whom the Gentiles have attributed kind of “junior deity” status, and finally the...

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JUST ESTABLISHED – Our First Overseas Branch!

Since 1976, Jews for Jesus has been sending short-term witnessing expeditions overseas to raise the gospel banner. Our teams and speakers have ministered in those places where a distinctly Jewish story was needed, including Israel , England , Australia , Argentina ,...

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Victory on Victoria Day

As summer came to a close we finished another Canadian Summer Witnessing Campaign, but the work is just beginning. I had the opportunity of leading a Jamaican man to the Lord. He took a tract and asked, ”Is this the gospel, mon?” Answering that it was, I asked him if he were a Christian. He responded, "Not yet." In a Couple of minutes, I explained how he might pray to receive Jesus, and he did!

During Summer Campaign we distributed more than 375,000 gospel tracts. We were out on the streets most of the day, greeting rush hour commuters, tourists, and shoppers with the good news of Y’shua. During campaign Jewish people were calling our office and finding us on the streets. A few harassed us, but others inquired about Jesus and even gave us their names for future contact. Now that Campaign is over, we are continuing a great deal of follow-up on those persons who gave us their names. I could not begin to tell all the prayer requests connected with that, but I would especially ask prayer that those who found the courage and boldness to give us their phone numbers will have open hearts to receive the message of salvation in Y’shua.

This is how our follow-up works: First we send a letter introducing ourselves. In it we thank the individuals for their courage in extending themselves to find out more about the gospel, and we usually include a copy of our evangelistic publication, ISSUES . Then after allowing a few days to elapse for them to receive this letter, we call them or drop in on them.

Igor was one I contacted in this way. He had received one of our tracts on the street and called our office to find out how we viewed the New Testament. I spoke briefly with Igor over the phone and drove out to meet him at his house. He had tried Orthodox Judaism and was disillusioned with the details of the commandments and regulations. He had read the New Testament and was impressed because "Jesus looks at the intentions of a man’s heart." We discussed the claims of Jesus and the promises in the Jewish scriptures. We will be getting together again soon, so please keep that in prayer.

Some we try to follow up are no longer interested, some are satisfied with just the literature we send them and ask that we "get back" to them later. Yet the Lord has always reserved some whose hearts are burning to know the truth. As soon as we call them, they are ready to talk. They are willing to meet and study the Bible with us, and perhaps pray with us to receive Y’shua as their Messiah and Savior. Pray that God will guide us to these first, so that our time will he spent most efficiently and effectively.

Editor’s Note. Stan Meyer has recently been transferred to Toronto from our Chicago Iews for Jesus branch. In his new post, he is working alongside Baruch Goldstein and several volunteers. Since the writing of this report, Stan has ministered to several people on the follow-up list, and led them to the Lord. Along with Stan’s basic evangelism duties of tract distribution, visiting and telephoning, he will he working on developing a singles ministry in Toronto to meet the fellowship needs of new Jewish believers. Please pray for the success of his new endeavors.

Though Campaign is over, a new seasonal phase of our work has just begun. Besides follow-up from the summer, we are fast approaching another season for gospel ads and heavy tract distribution. Holiday time affords us many opportunities to greet shoppers and visitors to the city with the good news.

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