November 1988 Newsletter (5749:1)

Why Does Our Team Have All the Wimps?
November 1, 1988
Author: Moishe Rosen

Last summer in New York for the Summer Witnessing Campaign I was wearing a Jews for Jesus T-shirt and distributing tracts at the public library on Fifth Avenue. A man approached me and said, Christianity is for weaklings and wimps. You go to the average church, and...

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Please Pray For the Liberated Wailing Wall

The Liberated Wailing Wall mobile evangelistic team travels on a bus 11 months out of the year. Their daily ministry in churches and on college campuses is both invigorating and demanding. Your prayer support would be a tremendous encouragement to them. Here are some...

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: What kind of Messiah are the Jewish people looking for? Do they think he will be a boy, a young man, an adult who already has authority in the Jewish faith, or what? Will all the Jews agree that he is the right one when they find him? ANSWER: Most...

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A Double Blessing
Author: Steven Burg

Along with tract distribution, another of our major sources for contacting Jewish people comes from concerned Christians who send us the names and addresses of their Jewish friends. Approximately one in every 20 Jewish persons we contact this way is open to consider...

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How to Engage in Inductive Bible Study
Author: Mitch Glaser

I. Examine the Data (see the whole unit). A. Unit—read the entire book. (Read at one sitting or as quickly and uninterruptedly as possible.) B. Epitomize the book. (State the theme in one sentence.) C. Compartmentalize the book. (Break down into study-sized...

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You Never Know…

Our Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers hand out millions of broadsides each year. We stop and talk with thousands of strangers. Some become our friends, and a few even become our brothers and sisters in Christ. In tangential ways we also touch literally thousands of...

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