I am grateful to God for many things—for all he has done for me and all he has given me—and I certainly don’t need to wait for the Thanksgiving season to remember or tell him that. On the other hand, sometimes I don’t quite understand his thinking, and there are just a few puzzling things he has bestowed upon this old world for which I find myself slightly less than thankful. Obviously that is my fault, not his. Still, I don’t really like them, but I suppose I need to try to be thankful for them anyhow:

1. Cobwebs—They are messy and feel weird to touch. All too often I have tolerated them, thinking they were spider webs instead of fly shelters.

2. Flies—I wouldn’t put spiders on this list simply because they eat flies, and I fondly remember the children’s story about Charlotte’s Web.

3. Winged critters in general that make buzzing sounds—Not one of them reminds me of anything I care to get close to.

4. Hornets and wasps in particular—Even if they pollinate trees and flowers, bees do the job too, and they are much nicer.

There are also a few man-made things for which I am not very thankful, but then maybe I ought to be:

1. Barbed wire—It makes me feel so unwelcome. God has a better idea. He uses brambles, briars and thorny vines to keep people and animals from going where they shouldn’t. At least they blossom sometimes and look pretty.

2. Hydroelectric dams—I think water should go where it wants to go, whenever it wants to, and if we don’t like where it’s going, we should get out of its way.

3. Automobiles—Horses didn’t smell any worse and they were more friendly.

4. Airplanes—It’s better to take longer getting there. You appreciate the arrival more.

5. Chains—It’s difficult to figure out which is the front end of one when you want to pull something.

6. Lists—If they are serious, I feel compelled to do something about them; if they are silly, I wish I had not wasted my time reading them; and if they are clever, I wish I had thought of them myself.

On the other hand, the Bible says we should give thanks in all things, so I had better go on record as being very thankful—first for the assurance that all those annoyances are very small in the light of eternity, and then for all the patient friends who are reading this silly list.


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