QUESTION: I recently heard a speaker down here in Charlotte, North Carolina, who suggested that the Holocaust never really happened. In view of what six million Jews and other innocent people suffered at the hand of the Nazis, I find this very distressing and wonder if you have any literature or information to counteract that false insinuation.

ANSWER: There is so much literature and information on the subject of the Holocaust that it would take a book of several hundred pages just to list the bibliography. Any book on the Nuremburg war trials would have ample evidence that the Holocaust really did happen. Besides that, there are films of the death camps and a museum in Jerusalem that present gruesome visual proof of the horrors perpetrated by Hitler’s henchmen.

Along the lines of your experience, there is an organization masquerading as being Christian and following Christ that denies the Holocaust. They recently printed an article offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who could prove that the Holocaust really took place.

One Jewish man from Torrance, California, himself a survivor of a concentration camp during World War II, stepped forward to claim the reward. Needless to say, the organization’s offer was speedily withdrawn. At that point, the Jewish man sued the organization and won a substantial judgment in court. Details of this were carried in the national newspapers.

Anyone who claims that the Holocaust never happened, or that millions of Jews and others were not murdered by the Nazis, is either blind to the truth or deliberately promoting his or her own diabolical agenda for devious reasons. That stance is not merely false; it is anti-Christian in protecting evildoers who attempted to destroy a people God has called into existence and preserved for his own purposes.