One notable feature in the story of Joseph was his many-colored coat. We in Jews for Jesus are often seen doing street evangelism in colorful denim jackets, but not many have seen a Jews for Jesus "many-colored wall." Before we left Los Angeles to come north for our AVODAH year, we created such a wall in the heart of a very Jewish neighborhood.

Our wall will never win any fame for its beauty, and it’s not nearly as colorful as some of our jackets. Actually, it’s a series of rather rough-looking sheets of plywood. It is erected as a temporary structure at a construction site. It probably would have suffered the tedious existence of most other walls if Peter Rice had not decided to put Jews for Jesus posters in 3′ x 6′ groupings across its entirety. This is customary in Los Angeles where political causes and entertainment events are advertised by posting statements on temporary walls.

The God of Israel speaks in many ways, even through our wall. The bright posters declared to the busy Jewish passers-by that Jews can be for Jesus.

One morning we discovered that our bright message had been covered with dark red paint. Only a few "J’s" and "w’s" still showed through to remind one of what had been written there.

That evening we pasted another row of posters on the wall. And the next day we were almost blinded by the reflection of the afternoon sun on our magnificent deep red posters. In the days to come we added more posters, and once again our mysterious artists added their touches of color − dark green and black. The wall was beginning to take on quite a beautiful appearance.

The following Saturday morning I went to the site and watched as many people walked to synagogue and passed our "wall of many colors." They stared; they were bewildered, angry, and curious about the wall with its Jews for Jesus posters against the beautiful, multi-colored background.

Some people might not understand "postering" as a way of reaching people with the gospel. Our "wall of many colors" has preached to many in Los Angeles and proclaimed the message that a Saviour greater than Joseph has come to save Israel − Jesus the Messia.


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