Igal Vender, who works with our Tel Aviv branch in partnership with Christian Witness for Israel, reports, “I met David over a year ago in Tel Aviv while helping to feed the homeless. I offered him a plate and asked if he would like to talk, but he wasn't interested. All I could do was silently pray as I watched him disappear.

“The next time I saw David, he greeted me with a flicker of happy recognition, and when he had finished his meal he told me some of his life story. He had served 10 years as a career soldier, reaching the rank of captain and company commander. He saw friends become wounded or killed, and eventually found it too difficult to deal with reality—so he became addicted to drugs and was thrown out of the army. I shared my testimony of how God saved me 12 years ago from a life of drugs and crime. Still, David could not believe that there was any hope left for a man like him.

“Then I met him again on the street, where he was begging at a traffic light. I bought him a meal and shared the gospel again. After that he agreed to look at the Bible with me. David said that he wanted to choose life. We met again and read John 6:37 together. I explained the gospel in simple terms once again and this time David told me that he was ready. I could hardly contain my joy as David repented, confessing his faith in Jesus as his Savior and Lord! Please keep David in your prayers, that he would grow in his new faith and be transformed by God’s Spirit.”

Names are changed to protect privacy.