Ron Neumann Mcdevitt, Another Extraordinary CLIM

Ron Neumann Mcdevitt is one of our most active Co-Laborers in Messiah. He’s a volunteer with his own core of volunteers in Melbourne, Florida. They have weekly Bible studies, outreaches and special holiday events.

A couple of months ago, Ron sent in the following report which he titled,

“The Lord even shines in the midst of confusion.”

"I arrived at the flea market in Melbourne, Florida, for our scheduled outreach only to find that another vendor had mistakenly set up in the space we had rented. Naturally this caused a great deal of confusion as we had to find out where he was supposed to be and then move the tables around so we could set up.

"While all of this was going on, one of our volunteers handed a Jewish man a broadside tract and began talking to him. Before long, she called me over to talk to him and answer his questions.

"Mitch was from a Conservative Jewish background and had grown dissatisfied with his synagogue experience. I shared the gospel with him and a little later he prayed with me to receive the Lord. He was very excited and when I told him it was important for him to tell someone what he just did, he didn’t hesitate to tell the rest of the people in our group what had happened. We arranged to get together for lunch the following Wednesday to begin a discipleship program.

"Two more people got saved that day and we distributed hundreds of broadsides and witnessed to a lot of people. We also invited several Jewish people to our Purim celebration scheduled for that Friday night. One young family said they would attend and bring their children. They gave us their contact info for follow up.

"We had an incredible Purim celebration, with 40 in attendance, including the mother of the above-mentioned family and her children. After the service ended, this young mom prayed with Linda, one of our volunteers who will be attending this year’s CLIM training, to get saved.

"I praise the Lord for how He took what seemed to be a very disruptive situation (unplanned moving of tables) and have us meet a Jewish man and woman who were ready to come to faith."


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