Catch the CLIM Vision!

Catch the CLIM Vision!

  • If you have a passion to see Jewish people know Jesus
  • If you’ve ever thought you’d like to step into our missionaries’ shoes or
  • If you want to help behind the scenes, beyond your prayers and support

Then our Co-Laborer in Messiah (CLIM) program might be for you!

CLIMs represent Jews for Jesus in their own communities, often doing local evangelism and hosting our missionaries as they come through. Some CLIMs travel within the United States and beyond to help with our outreach.

Here’s what some of our CLIMs say:

Karen Myers, from the Montreal Campaign in 2013:

Through the rush of people crowding through the turnstiles on their way out of the subway station, I saw a Jewish man with a tailored pinstripe suit, walking with his eyes fixed on his goal: me. As he approached, he raised his right index finger in the air, opened his mouth, and a torrent of words had poured out before he even reached me. His words were French. Rapid French. I barely understand slow, carefully spoken French, with a Parisian accent, so the speedy sentences spoken in a strong Quebec accent were nowhere in the realm of my comprehension level. I replied, “Bon jour. Désolé. Je ne parle pas français,” and asked him if he could either speak slower or in English. The flood of words stopped. His mouth closed. His eyes narrowed and he looked at me, scrutinizing my face and hair—and blue-sequined top-hat—for a moment. “This,” he replied in a very loud voice, pointing in my face, “is what I call proselytizing with STYLE!” Never having heard such a comment, and not knowing if it was meant to be good or bad, I decided to take it as a compliment. “Why, thank you, sir!” I said. “And for that,” he concluded, “I will take one.” He snatched a tract, and walked on.

From Shari Greenfield, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:

I like to share the gospel at Puerto Vallarta’s weekly street fairs and community flea markets. Recently my husband and I went to one hosted by Paradise Community Center, which also hosts a Christian church on Sundays. We met a Jewish woman named Gail* and as we were talking I told her that we are Jewish believers in Jesus. Gail thanked me for describing myself that way instead of saying I was a completed Jew, a term that she has heard before and finds demeaning.

Turns out that Gail has a friend whose two sons are believers. One of them talks to her about Jesus every time he sees her. We will be seeing Gail in the future . . . please pray for God to open her heart to the gospel. ?

From Missionary Tzachi Danor (from our Israel branch) during his 2013 Christ in the Passover tour in Calgary, Canada:

My wife Sarah and I were wonderfully hosted by CLIMs Peter and Margot in their house in Calgary for three days. They looked after all our needs and gave us the time and space we needed amidst the rush of tour. They also attended one of our meetings and were a tremendous help with the resource table. By the way, we first met Peter and Margot in Israel last May when they came to serve as stewards for one of our Behold Your God campaigns. They were wonderful when they were abroad and again as they welcomed us warmly into their own home.

CLIMs can be Gentile or Jewish, need only volunteer ten hours per month, and choose from a variety of tasks tailored to suit their gifts and preferences. CLIMs do make an initial time investment of one week for training—and it’s a great time to get to know the other CLIMs and some of our most experienced staff.

Interested? Please call or email:

Carolyne Rohrig
CLIM Coordinator
415.864.2600 x 1159
Email: [email protected]

Visit our website for more information at:


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