Sydney, Australia

Bob Mendelsohn reports, “After preaching at a nearby church, I went into our office/storefront to handle some administrative details. After I finished, I decided to stay a bit longer. Within twenty minutes, in walked Noam and Yishai, two twenty-something Israelis. Noam explained that Yishai was curious, so we sat in the ‘conversation corner,’ where I explained that I was once an Orthodox Jew who became a Jesus-follower. But it was Noam who asked, ‘Why do you believe this?’

“I pointed out Bible prophecies from Genesis, Micah, and Daniel, and Noam exclaimed, ‘This is mind boggling!’ He was especially struck by the fact that records of who belonged to what tribe were destroyed along with the Temple in 70 A.D. Therefore, the Messiah had to come before that time in order for people to know he had fulfilled the prophesy of being from the line of Judah. So Noam left with a copy of the Newer Testament in Hebrew, and deep thoughts. Please pray for him and for Yishai.”

Los Angeles

Rhonda Gordon reports, “Shelly is one of the women I used to visit regularly, but since the birth of Cyril’s and my three children over the last ten years, I do most of my ministry from home. Holly Meyer visited Shelly for awhile but since she passed on, we’ve had no one to visit her regularly [our men generally do not visit women without another woman present]. During that time, I prayed for her, for God to put the right people in her life.

Recently, Sarah Ascher has joined us in the LA branch! I introduced Sarah to Shelly, who introduced us both to a Christian from Malaysia. This man had been to the Jews for Jesus website and really wanted to share the gospel with Jewish people. Knowing that our front-line missionaries are either Jewish or married to Jewish believers, this man had looked for other ways to be involved. God led him to the assisted living community where Shelly lives. Since that time, he has been holding weekly Bible studies in her community and another similar community. Many Jewish people attend his Bible studies! 

God answered my prayer, providing ministry for Shelly through this Christian man. And He made a way for this man to be involved with Jews for Jesus, as my husband Cyril, as well as Sarah, will be glad to help with the Jewish contacts he has made through these Bible studies.”

New York City

Shoshannah Weinisch reports, “Paula, one of my Jewish contacts who does not yet believe in Jesus, ‘holds court’ daily at a local diner near the branch. (She meets her clients at the restaurant.) When I arrived for my visit with Paula, she was finishing up with one client, while another, Deborah, had arrived an hour early. Paula asked if I would mind sitting with Deborah while she finished her other appointment. I introduced myself to Deborah, who asked me how I knew Paula. It was a great opportunity to share my faith. By the time Paula was ready to meet with me, Deborah (who is not Jewish) and I were fully engaged in conversation. Seeing we had connected, Paula asked if Deborah could join us. ‘Of course!’ I replied. I tried to tailor the Bible study to speak to both women. Before I left, Deborah said that she had been very discouraged and she felt that our time together before she met with Paula had been no coincidence. She was encouraged! Me too!”

Jeremiah Zaretsky writes, “A Jewish man named Vladimir phoned our office. His fiancée had a Russian Orthodox upbringing and they were questioning how their differing religions might affect their new lives together. When I suggested that a Jewish/Gentile couple can experience spiritual harmony through a vibrant relationship with Yeshua (Jesus), Vladimir was eager to hear more. I passed his information on to Stewart Weinisch.

“Stewart met with Vladimir and his fiancée, Valentina, the following week. After listening to the couple’s story, Stewart explained the gospel, and by the end of the conversation both Vladimir and Valentina prayed to surrender their lives to Jesus.

“Vladimir then said he would like to bring his Jewish mother to the Brooklyn Bible study the following week (Stewart was leading that Bible study temporarily). They have continued to be in fellowship there.”

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