Are you passionate about Jewish people hearing the gospel? Maybe you can co-labor with us. We need volunteers to help our branches and outposts, but we’d also welcome help in areas where we do not yet have a Jews for Jesus presence.

Co-Laborers in Messiah (CLIMs) are specially trained Jewish or Gentile volunteers. Some help fill our ranks for evangelistic campaigns. Others assist our missionaries while they are out on Christ in the Passover tours, or represent us at missions conferences. Some host Bible studies or do church presentations on behalf of our ministry. These extraordinary people are our eyes and ears and, in areas where we do not have a branch or outpost, they become an extension of who we are in their communities.

CLIMs are friends like you who do so much to expand our ability to make Jesus known—on the front lines or behind the scenes, depending on thier gifts and preferences.

For example, we have Ron McDevitt partnering with us in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  Ron recently reported:

Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) has invited me to set up a Jews For Jesus table once a week in their student center.

The student center serves as a major campus lunch spot and there is a lot of traffic. I set up our table with a big Jews for Jesus sign on the table and lots of materials. The students especially like the colorful postcards we distributed during last year’s New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign.

The response from Jewish students was phenomenal as I was able to share the gospel with many. While in line for a sandwich, I heard someone right behind me say, ‘I love your [Jews for Jesus] shirt.’ I turned to see a couple of students from Hillel, the largest Jewish campus organization in the world.

Both listened as I shared my story about why I, as a Jew, believe Yeshua is the Messiah. They both took materials from the table and waved goodbye as they left the building.

I also spoke upon invitation at the University last month! Students kept me for two hours asking questions, etc. It was very positive. Please pray for our continued outreach on this campus as I expect some strong opposition in the future. I praise the Lord for all the open doors the Lord is providing here on the Central Florida East Coast.

Here are a few more tidbits from CLIMs who come alongside to help us:

Norma Nill (Cyber-CLIM*), Edmonds, WA:

“A young Orthodox man who came into the chatroom said he was becoming more and more convinced that Jesus is the Messiah. During the discussion he spoke Hebrew with some in the chatroom, and when I made the comment that I wished I knew more Hebrew, he said, ‘I’ll teach you Hebrew if you teach me about Jesus.’ At the end of the evening, he prayed to receive Jesus!”

Greg Rosenberg, Blue Springs, MO:

“While on the evangelistic outreach in Berlin, Germany, I spoke with many Jewish people about Messiah and gave away Bibles and literature to those who wanted to know more about God. Some gave me their names and addresses for further communication, and others promised to read the Scriptures as a result of our conversation.”

Brook Kittel, Chehalis, WA:

“In early January I participated in my passion of taking the gospel to the Jews in Los Angeles at the Rose Bowl Parade, float-viewing and Rose Bowl game. Then I spent time on the UCLA campus handing out information about the Jewish Messiah. Then I manned a booth at the State Fair. I had not talked to so many Jewish people about their Messiah in such a short period of time since my trips to Israel.”

Areas for Co-Laborers to shine are increasing all the time, as more and more ways to reach out continually develop. Maybe you are great at writing letters to the editor, or blogging or tweeting … there are ways to put your skills into action for the cause of the gospel going out to Jewish people!

Interested? Write or email:

Carolyne Rohrig
Co-Laborer in Messiah Coordinator

60 Haight Street San Francisco, CA 94102

You can also check out “Confessions of a Co-Laborer

*Cyber-CLIM: Trained volunteers who host our online Jews for Jesus chatroom