“Somewhere in Belarus”

Dima reports, “Volunteer Olga and I went to a distant district of (undisclosed location) to do drop-in visits. At first, the result was zero—no one was home. But we continued searching and at last a door opened. We were expecting a young man, but to our surprise we met instead his parents, who are both Jewish. They explained that their son now lives in Germany, but they had received our literature and even invitations to holiday services. Both of them claim to be agnostic, but they listened attentively to our message and it was clear that certain moments touched the husband’s heart, and he said he would attend our Shabbat meeting. Also, he said he would read our literature and pass it on to his daughter and son-in-law, who are both Jewish. Pray for this family’s hearts to be open to Yeshua. We also recently had a visit with a man who admitted that, though he is Jewish, he is very attracted to the person of Jesus. He said he would attend our Shabbat meetings as well. Please pray that God will bless these meetings and touch many hearts for the gospel.”

Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports, “It all started with my wife Rhonda trying to follow up on a Jewish contact named Shelly. Our protocol is that men normally minister to men and women to women unless accompanied by another person. But when Rhonda called Shelly and tried to minister to her, she found out that Shelly was short for Sheldon, who said that he’s not really interested in Jesus, but that maybe his son Brian would be. Sheldon had seen the real life change of his wayward son Brian after he gave his life to Jesus. Rhonda passed the contact on to me. After months of personally ministering to Sheldon by phone and in person, he began attending a local Messianic congregation where he recently prayed to receive Yeshua. His nephew Howard got saved, and his son Brian has grown in his faith. Sheldon is a regular at our men’s BBQ fellowship and brings along members of his family who don’t yet know Jesus. Please pray for Sheldon as I disciple him, and for more of his family members to come to faith.

“I met Paul almost ten years ago while ministering on a college campus. Soon after, Paul prayed with me to give his life to Jesus. We met almost every week for a year and a half to study the Scriptures and pray together. But Paul was young and ambitious and the ways of the world were too tempting for him. He started hanging out with the wrong people, despite my warnings, and eventually ended up in jail for his involvement in a white-collar crime. Now he’s spending the best years of his life in prison. Please pray that Paul will truly let go of his worldly ambitions and trust in the Lord.”

Also from Cyril, “In the summer of 2011, Jews for Jesus volunteer Steve Zober from Jewish Outreach International and I met with “Joe” (not his real name) the only Jew at the Long Beach Rescue Mission. Joe is an educated man who grew up in a Conservative Jewish family, but lost everything through gambling and deceit. Thank God for the Long Beach Rescue Mission that took him in and gave him a second chance. Not only did they help him with food and housing, but they shared the gospel with him. Impressed with Joe’s thirst for truth, the program coordinator contacted me at Jews for Jesus to set up a meeting with Joe.

“After about three months of ministering to Joe, we praise God that a Prodigal Son of Israel has finally come home! He announced to all of us at our Jewish Men’s BBQ Fellowship that he has received the forgiveness of sin God has provided through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son—Jesus the Messiah.

“Helping Joe find the truth about Jesus was a joint effort between three ministries: The Long Beach Rescue Mission, Jewish Outreach International, and Jews for Jesus. It’s always a blessing to see ministries working together helping bring people to Jesus.”