Remembering Moishe Rosen

Moishe Rosen Obituary Excerpts

We must believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths the Lord Jesus in order to be saved,” Mr. Rosen wrote in a statement posted online at the time of his death. “There are no shortcuts.”
The Washington Post

“It wasn’t because I thought Christianity was nicer than Judaism,” he told the Los Angeles Times in 1985. “Nor was it because I wanted to renounce my birthright, as many have said. Basically, I accepted Jesus because, after searching the Scriptures, I found Him to be true.”
The Washington Post

“Mr. Rosen was an effective preacher, and given to pithy sayings such as “An atheist who is looking for God is like a hooky player looking for a truant officer.” … He could also be blunt. “Jewishness never saved anybody,” he wrote in a statement on the Jews for Jesus website.”
The Wall Street Journal

To his critics, Mr. Rosen responded with the kind of aphoristic wit for which he was known. As he said in an interview with The Fresno Bee in 1994, “If the Jews didn’t need Jesus, why didn’t he come by way of Norway or Ireland?”
The New York Times

Moishe Rosen put Christian belief on the map for American Jews.
World Magazine

Mr. Rosen … held a philosophy that you could be Jewish and still claim Jesus as your Lord and savior.
San Francisco Chronicle

Mr. Rosen continued his mission to convert Jews after his death, with a message he requested to be posted on his website when he died. He wrote: “I hope I can count on you to show love and respect for the Jewish people, but Jewishness never saved anybody, no matter how sincere … because Christ has no place within Judaism.”

An Unexpected Opportunity

Ed note: This is only one example of the opportunities to witness that came about through the media coverage of Dad’s passing. The names have been changed because we were unable to reach the person for permission, but I don’t think she’ll mind …

“This is pretty interesting and hopefully just a beginning. I never actually told my parents about being a Messianic Jew—always an issue of contention in the family… I danced around the issue for 30 years. My friends thought my parents ‘knew.’ 

“[Shortly after May 19, 2010] I was picked up at the airport by my mom-[I was] returning from Amsterdam. One of the first things my mom told me was that Moishe Rosen died. ‘There was a very poignant article in the NY Times, I saved it for you,’ she said. There were, as you know, other obits. She found THAT one worth saving. I finally told my mom, after 30 years, that I am a Jew for Jesus. She said, ‘I thought you were into something like that.’  I hope this short note brings a smile to your faces. Pray for continued strength and opportunities to share the Jewish Messiah with Shirley and the rest of my ACLU/atheistic family. So you see—the impact of Moishe’s life lives on.

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