It’s hard to believe that Blue Mosaic, our mobile evangelistic music team, is finishing their year-long tour next month!

In case you didn’t get to see our November newsletter, Blue Mosaic had taken the place of the Liberated Wailing Wall as an equally talented but more contemporary expression of Jewish musicians for Jesus. Traveling a little lighter without the big bus” the team was able to take advantage of more evangelistic opportunities on college campuses and secular venues such as open mics.

Team leader Julia Pascoe shares: “Besides playing our music to reach Jewish people with the gospel, we found that using a survey helps us get into conversations with people about their beliefs. During our tour we visited Florida Atlantic University where Giselle and I got talking to a young Jewish student named Audrey. She saw our T-shirts ‘How can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus? Ask me!’  As we got talking, she shared how she thought Jesus did some really good things, and that she’d love to know more about Him. However, like most Jewish people, although not religious, she was taught growing up that Jesus wasn’t for her. We shared the gospel with Audrey, and we were able to explain that believing in Jesus is the most Jewish thing a Jewish person can do! Audrey gave us her contact details so that we could send her a free copy of John’s Gospel.

Mandie Greenberg adds: “After our outreach at Florida Atlantic University we decided to go to lunch at a local kosher deli. Instantly every eye was upon our Jews for Jesus T-shirts. Some stared, some scoffed, some tried to ignore us. An elderly Jewish man walked up to us, wagging his finger. We could all guess what was coming next, but he totally surprised us. He said, ‘I don’t understand you people. I don’t agree with you. But my nephew is a congregational leader like you up in Chicago. And when a relative of mine passed away and we had the funeral there, the community was so loving and warm! Everyone was so welcoming and gracious! I’ve never seen anything like it!’ He gave us his name so that we could tell his nephew hello for him. So please pray for Uncle Irving’s salvation and that he will meet more Jewish believers who will show him the love of Jesus.”

Jeff Millenson, our music director who trained the team, reports, “While in San Francisco this past January, our Blue Mosaic music team partnered with a local ministry called SOS for an outreach at Fisherman’s Wharf.

“While Blue Mosaic was singing, I handed out Jews for Jesus broadsides to the passersby. An SOS staffer came up to me, along with another young man. ‘Do you know what song they are singing? He wants to know,’ said the staffer, pointing to the young man. ‘Sure, I know—it’s ‘Hine Ma Tov’ — Psalm 133,’ I said.

“‘But why are they singing in Hebrew?’ asked the young man, turning to me. I explained that the people singing were all Jews who believe in Jesus, and they were on the street to tell others about Him. The young man was an Israeli who had never heard of Jews for Jesus before. He was very curious about us. Pray that he encounters our staff when he returns to Israel and that God uses them to bring him to a personal encounter with his Messiah.”

Please pray for the team members as they transition to their next phase of serving God. Please also pray as our next music team will begin training on our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign next month. Because of the lead-time for our print newsletter, we don’t yet know who all the team members are, but will introduce them to you as soon as we can!