Our Co-Laborers in Messiah (CLIMs) are an amazing group of trained volunteers under the leadership of Carolyne Rohrig, our CLIM Coordinator.

CLIMs enable us to be more places and do more outreach than we could possibly hope to go and do on our own. They also support our missionaries when we are out on the road, through housing and helping with church meetings, or even teaming up with us for sorties (tract-passing expeditions).

One of the best things about being a CLIM is the variety of ways they choose to help us make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to Jewish people worldwide, whether behind the scenes or on the front lines. Each CLIM chooses aspects of ministry that fit his or her gifts and personality.

And we have a new specialized corps of CLIMs that calls itself PUMA (Proclaiming Until Messiah Arrives). PUMA inaugurated our first all-CLIM witnessing campaign during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, February 11-21, 2010. Reggie Douglas (Baton Rouge LA) led the team, with Allen Abrahamson (Portland OR), as his second in command. Rick and Debbie Banhart (Overland Park, KS) Greg Rosenberg and Creasia Brown (Blue Springs, MO) and CLIM CO, Carolyne Rohrig (San Francisco CA) made up the team.

By the end of the campaign, the team had passed out 31,355 broadsides and led two Jewish people and fourteen Gentiles in prayers to receive the Lord.

What are CLIMs like? We have Jewish and Gentile CLIMs, shy and outgoing, but all with a common heart for evangelism. Here are a few introductions to some of our CLIMs:

Laurie Wilensky-Pinette, Fredericksburg, VA:
“My involvement with Jews for Jesus began on the Baltimore Behold Your God Campaign in August 2005. The campaign changed my life. I have now served on BYG campaigns in Miami, New York, Tel Aviv, Washington D.C., and Phoenix. My daughter, Rebecca, has served as a steward with me, and my son, Jay, served as a campaigner in Phoenix. There is nothing like being on campaign with your family.

“I have been serving as a CLIM since 2007. In addition, my family enjoys hosting Jews for Jesus missionaries in our home and assisting them on their tours.”

Sheva Myers, Chapel Hill, NC:
“Some opportunities in life are just too good to let pass by. This has been true for me as a CLIM. One way I proclaim the gospel is to wear a vest that boldly proclaims “Jews for Jesus” while I go shopping, run errands at the bank, the library, at the mall and even on vacation to Disney World. Conversations start up in grocery lines and even at church among Christians who ask how they can be a better witness to their Jewish friends.

“My absolute favorite activity is ‘broadsiding.’ As a new CLIM, I had asked the Lord to send me one volunteer to partner with me (I held up one finger), but he must have looked at my hand because he sent me five. Each has helped in a different area of my CLIM work.”  

Larry Falter, Brule, WI:
“My short history as a CLIM began in August 2009 when I trained in San Francisco. My most rewarding accomplishment so far has been to round up a core group of eight Jewish believers in my area. We have had two meetings to discuss how we can reach Jewish people who don’t know Jesus in our area. “

The possibilities are endless!  To find out more about being a CLIM, contact Carolyne at carolyne.rohrig@jewsforjesus.org or call 415 864 2600 and ask for Carolyne.