New York

Anna Marie Misiti keeps things running administratively in our New York branch, but has had a real ministry to several people from Hassidic (an extremely Orthodox sect) communities. She reports, “Thank you all for praying for our Orthodox/Hassidic contacts, known as Joseph and Harry. Please continue to pray!

“After almost four years of speaking to Joseph on the phone, I finally met him in person. It was so sweet to finally connect the face to the voice!  During our conversation, Joseph said, ‘Can you believe how amazing the Lord is?  He used an Italian girl from Brooklyn to show a Jewish boy who the Jewish Messiah is!’  The Lord really is amazing!  I have since put him in touch with a couple who believe in Jesus as we do, and were raised in Orthodox homes. Joseph is thrilled to know that there are others who come from Orthodox homes and have come to faith in Messiah Jesus.

“Harry is growing in the Lord and it’s great to hear him talk about Jesus. Karol, the Brooklyn branch leader, has arranged for Harry to be discipled by another Jewish believer and that seems to be going really well.

“Fred is an Orthodox man I have been speaking with for just about three years. Recently he called and said, ‘You must help me get a new covenant book!’  Please pray that he will be able to meet with me so that I can place the Word in his hands. He is so close to receiving Jesus!

“My prayer is that these precious ones would come in reckless abandon, not only to know the Lord intimately, but to serve Him.”


Bruce Rapp reports, “My wife Tracy has been meeting with a Jewish woman, Julie, who seems close to receiving the Lord. Julie is married to a Christian, and they have recently had a baby boy. The couple brought the baby to our Rosh Hashanah service and we included a Hebrew blessing for him as part of our service. They were really excited about it and so were we.

“We recently had the opportunity to meet Julie’s father, who was raised in a Jewish home in New York. I am from New York also and we immediately ‘clicked’ and became friends. Ben (not his real name) has begun to ask me serious questions about hope and faith. We have now met and talked several times and Ben has opened up to me and even asked me to pray for him, saying he wished he could have the faith I have. Please pray that Tracy and I have continued opportunities with Ben and Julie and that the whole family will soon be united in faith.“

Los Angeles

Stan Meyer reports, “Recently my wife, Holly, saw three people come to the Lord in one week. Lenore is a middle-aged Jewish woman to whom Holly has ministered to by phone for almost a year. She recently told Holly of an unusual dream she’d had: in the dream, Jesus was giving her a blood transfusion. He was removing her sinful blood and replacing it with His clean blood. Holly once again explained the work of Christ to her, and when she invited Lenore to confess her sins to Jesus and receive his forgiveness, Lenore prayed with Holly to receive Jesus.

“Adrienne is a Jewish woman who is dying of cancer. Her Christian friend, Denise, called our office asking for someone to witness to Adrienne. Holly went to the hospital and explained the plan of salvation to Adrienne. She nodded that she believed what Holly was saying. Two days later, Denise went to visit Adrienne and found that the doctors had just disconnected Adrienne from life support and did not expect her to live through the night. Denise rushed into the room and presented the plan of salvation exactly as Holly had recommended to her by phone that morning. Adrienne, still coherent, prayed with Denise to receive Jesus.

“Victoria is a teacher at our daughter Carrie’s nursery school. She also has been Carrie’s babysitter for over two years, and we’ve shared the gospel with her (she is from a Catholic background). When the school principal died of cancer, Victoria was so overwhelmed with grief that she called in sick. Holly visited her at home and Victoria prayed to receive Jesus.”