Mark Landrum reports, “It was the second week in January; Sydney’s summer was ‘full on’ with many tourists as well as Aussies on holiday. I was particularly happy to meet Celia, a lady who had, from a young age, been attracted to Jesus. However, her father’s traditional Jewish belief had led her to think that Jesus was not an option for her. Seeing my shirt clearly identifying me as a Jew who does believe in Jesus seemed to give her hope that maybe she could have Jesus after all. She was very interested in Israel and had thought about living there. After sharing with Celia about Jesus, I mentioned that Rahel was just across the intersection, and that she is an Israeli. After giving me her contact information so that I could send her a letter of witness, Celia went to meet Rahel, who also witnessed to her about the Jewishness of believing in Jesus. This was a great way for us to begin the new year.

I quickly sent a letter out to Celia with some additional literature. It was such a delight to receive a phone call from her less than a week from the time we had met—before I could even call and ask what she thought of the literature I had sent her. She actually rang just as Rahel and I were on our way out to start passing out tracts again. I was happy to set up a time for us to meet up a few days later. It was a good visit, and we look forward to meeting up with her again. Please pray for Celia to receive Y’shua as her Messiah soon.

New York

Larry Stamm reports, “Recently I visited with a 63-year-old Jewish man I’ll call Stuart. Stuart had phoned our New York office, wanting more information. When I called him back he identified himself as a ‘Jew for Jesus’ and wanted to know how he could get a T-shirt. Stuart came from a Reform Jewish background but had been very sympathetic to Jesus for many years. I asked him a few probing questions including, ‘Why do you think God will let you into heaven?’ He answered, as many typically do, ‘Because I’m a good person.’ I then asked him if he’d like to do a Bible study, and he enthusiastically said, ‘Yes!’

“The next day I went over to Stuart’s apartment in Queens and we opened the Bible. I took him through the ‘TROT through the TENACH,’ which is a progression of Old Testament scriptures communicating the concepts of Sin, Salvation, and Savior. I also shared about the New Covenant, and the need to be born again, from John 3. Stuart was able to see his need for salvation through faith in the Savior, Jesus, and the fruitlessness of trying to get to heaven based on his own human merit. When I asked Stuart if he’d like to be born again, he again emphatically said, ‘Yes!’ and prayed to receive the Lord. It was a privilege to be able to sow gospel seed on ‘good soil,’ and see the power of God’s Word bearing fruit in a human heart. Please pray that Stuart would get grounded in faith as he begins walking with God.”


Karl deSouza reports, “Our MontrTal outpost recently had our first unexpected drop-in visit from a Jewish gentleman who wanted to know more about Jesus. ‘Aaron’ had heard about Jews for Jesus and our local office from a friend. He wanted to know more about what we believe. I shared a bit of my story and why we believe Y’shua is the Messiah. Aaron gratefully took some literature, including a booklet of testimonies. He was concerned that his wife would find out and be angry about his inquiries; nevertheless he left his contact information. Please pray for him, and for more such opportunities.”