One of the most heartbreaking things for most Jewish believers is the thought of losing our parents before they know Jesus. It is a matter of continual prayer. We hope you will be encouraged to see how God has answered the prayers of three daughters. The first daughter is not on our staff; but the story is told by staff member Oded Cohen; the other stories are told by two daughters about their fathers. We hope you will join your prayers to theirs.

I was visiting with Mrs. C., when who should happen to arrive but her daughter. After we were introduced, the daughter began politely asking questions. As I explained to her why I was there, I wondered if she would ask me to leave. I was surprised when, instead, she told me that she also believes in Jesus, as do her children! She thought I might have been a Jehovah’s Witness, but instead rejoiced that I was an answer to her prayers for her mother to hear more about Jesus.

Mrs. C. had not told me that her daughter is a believer, nor had she told her daughter that she is studying the Bible with me. She really does seem to want to believe. Recently, the cancer that was in remission has returned and Mrs. C. is undergoing chemotherapy. For now, she feels too ill to meet with me. Please pray for Mrs. C.’s salvation and complete healing.”—Oded

My father, Guy (84), prayed with me to receive Jesus! I have been praying for him for many years. He was very opposed to Jesus Christ all his life. He has been living in an assisted care facility for two years, since my mother died from cancer. I am very thankful to the Holy Spirit, who has been helping me during the precious time I still have with my dad! I can see the difference now on his face. Pray that he will grow in faith.”—Sabrina

I’ve been praying for my dad to come to faith in Jesus for 15 years! I’ve put my unsaved (Jewish) family on many prayer lists. Over the years Dad has crossed paths with several Jews for Jesus folks: he came to Chicago and met our branch staff; he and I had dinner with (Los Angeles branch leader) Tuvya Zaretsky when I was in L.A. for vacation; he received a Testimonies book with a personalized letter from (editor) Ruth Rosen; he went to the L.A. Passover seder, and he ‘happened’ to run into Rob Wertheim during a sortie. This is in addition to other Messianic people he’s met, too!

“My dad is 82 years old and recently has been very sick. I contacted Tuvya and asked him to visit my dad. Well, it turned into a salvation visit! Tuvya brought up the subject of eternal life, and the rest just slid into place! God knows what it will take to soften each of our hearts toward Him. For my dad, it was his own mortality. Now I pray for Dad to grow in his newfound faith and to bear fruit. This gives me much hope for the rest of my family. May it also encourage each of you to pray for your loved ones ‘without ceasing,’ and to ‘not grow weary.’ To God be the glory!”—Melanie