Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms. In honor of our missionary moms we wanted to show you pics of all the new additions” to our families from January 2005 to now*:

1. Selah Joy Cohen, born 1/05 (parents: Leah and Micha, missionaries in Chicago)

2. Caroline Fu-Tong Meyer, adopted 5/05 (parents: Holly and Stan, missionaries in South Florida)

3. Abigail Faith Dallmann, born 8/05 (parents: Mandy and Ben—Ben works in church relations in Chicago)

4. Daniel David Gordon, born 9/05 (parents: Rhonda and Cyril, missionaries in Los Angeles)

5. Daliya Elle Smith, born 11/05 (parents: Nici and Garrett, missionaries in Boston)

6. Lilya Turnil, born 12/05 (parents: Delphine and Josh, missionaries in Paris)

8. Zechariah Dylan Olson, born 2/06 (parents: Amer and Paige, missionaries in Chicago)

9. Yevgenia Krouter, born 2/06. Sorry, no photo available. (parents: Natasha and Leonid, outreach workers in Kiev)

*”Now” means when we put the newsletter together, which was in March. There may be even newer faces by May.