Julia Pascoe reports, Part of each missionary’s week involves telephoning unbelieving Jewish people. Our goal is to set up one-on-one visits with those who are interested. The people we call come from various sources. Some contacts have given us their phone numbers in the course of our regular street evangelism; others have attended one of our outreach events. Still others are referred to us by Christian friends who trust us to share Jesus with their unbelieving Jewish friends.

“Recently, I phoned up an Israeli woman who has lived in the UK for many years. Her name is Michal. When I asked, ‘Who do you think Jesus is?’ Michal replied in a friendly but firm way, ‘I believe Jesus was a special messenger sent from God, but certainly not the Messiah.’ Yet she was willing to exchange ideas with me, and in the end agreed to read Isaiah, Chapter 53. I told her I would be calling her back to see what she thought. Please pray that as I call her again she will be open to meeting personally, and will eventually trust in Jesus as her Lord and Messiah.”


Bimini Cohen reports on her calling experience, “When I first called Helene, she almost hung up on me. I begged her to please just give me five minutes of her time. I read her a Scripture verse from Isaiah and asked her if I could please call her the following week. She allowed me to do so. Slowly, over time, we built up a rapport and trust, until we spent 20 or 30 minutes on the phone. Last month we met in person, and it went very well. She attends her synagogue regularly and reads everything I suggest. When I was ill the other week, and had to postpone our weekly appointment, she actually asked, ‘What do you want me to read this week?’ Please pray for Helene to know the truth about our Messiah.”

Oded Cohen reports, “A Chassidic (ultra-Orthodox) Jewish man called our office and asked to talk to someone who speaks Hebrew. I called him back and found out that he very much wants to know if Jesus might be the Messiah. I asked him to read a few verses from the Old Testament, but he told me that he is already beyond that—he is now reading the New Testament. The next time we spoke, he told me that he saw The Passion of the Christ and was moved to tears. Please pray for God to lift the veil from his eyes, so that he might know his Messiah, despite the family and community pressure upon him.” (Name omitted due to above-mentioned pressures.)


Sally Seymour reports, “We had come to the end of a sortie (tractpassing expedition) when a Jewish woman named Marlène approached us. Her husband had spotted our Jews for Jesus T-shirts from the car and sent her to ask about them. They were both really intrigued and gave their address to receive more information. I sent some literature and a few weeks later I called to see what she thought. Eventually, Stephen Pacht and I were able to visit with her at her restaurant. As he spoke, she watched him intently with an expression of wonder; it was the first time she had heard a Jewish person speak about Jesus as Messiah. Marlène has agreed to continue meeting with us to study the Bible. Pray that her interest will grow and that God will reveal to her that Jesus is her Messiah.”


Yuliya Sokol reports, “I met Vladislav, a Russian-speaking Jewish man who grew up in Israel. He knew the Bible unexpectedly well and spouted fragments of Christian, Jewish and mystical teachings. When I asked what he thinks about Jesus he surprised me by saying he believed Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. Yet he had never personally received Him as his Savior. He agreed to pray and invite Jesus into his life. The next day Vladislav came to our Jews for Jesus Bible study. He is going to stay in our city for some time and then go to Frankfurt. Please pray for Vladislav’s spiritual growth and for his daily life in Messiah.”