May 2005 Newsletter (5765:9)

Trading Spouses
May 1, 2005

Here’s a story to ponder: a couple (call them John and Joanne) approaches their 25th wedding anniversary. You are invited to their celebration. You arrive early. John answers the door, and to your surprise, the woman at his side is not Joanne. Somewhat taken...

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Happy Birthday Israel

Yom haAtzma’ut (Israeli Independence Day) is the fifth day of Iyar on the Hebrew calendar. For those of us who don’t use the Hebrew calendar, this year it falls on May 12. This holiday marks the day on which the State of Israel officially came into...

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Behind the Scenes

You’ve read about many of our missionaries in the Jews for Jesus Newsletter. But there is a group of missionaries* who you won’t read about in any of the branch features or Bits from the Branches.” They are behind-the-scenes missionaries who work at...

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Moishe’s Musings
Author: Moishe Rosen

Question: What is the right thing to do when you want to witness to someone with whom you have a professional relationship, like a doctor, or a teacher, or even a boss at work? Answer: Society says one thing, but the Holy Spirit says something else. Society says that...

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Tel Aviv Day of Evangelism

We hand out our unique gospel tracts here in Tel Aviv on a regular basis. However, in February, senior missionary Dan Sered, along with Yoel ben David, one of our approved students at Israel College of the Bible, wanted to have a special morning-to-night intense day...

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Bits from the Branches

London Julia Pascoe reports, Part of each missionary’s week involves telephoning unbelieving Jewish people. Our goal is to set up one-on-one visits with those who are interested. The people we call come from various sources. Some contacts have given us their...

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