In Israel we have a saying, a question, really: Is it good for the Jews?”

Many wonderful Christian brothers and sisters are eager to do and give to help the Jewish people. And we are thankful that they desire to bless Israel.

Everyone loves to receive gifts, including people in Israel. Many Christians have been especially generous since 2002, sending many gifts to Israel to help terrorist victims. This is so loving and kind, I am sure the Father in Heaven is pleased. Other Christians have generously given to non-Christian organizations to help people come and settle in Israel. Some feel certain that somehow there will be a conscious witness for Christ received through these gifts. Maybe yes, probably no.

The problem is that many Israelis who are grateful to receive help and a supportive attitude from Christians don’t want anything else from them— especially Jesus. This brings me to the next point: how about the gift of eternal life?

Now I am not saying those who give other gifts do not share the gospel; I am saying one must find a way to share the gospel, with a gift, or without, for a gift in itself will not save a person.

The word “missionary” in Israel is probably one of the worst names you can call someone. It brings anything but honor here. People don’t want to hear the gospel so they try to stop us. In fact, Jesus told us this would happen to us because it happened to Him (John 15:20). It would be easier to give a gift of food, clothing or money and never have to face the persecution.

Still, there are many in Israel who truly want to hear about Jesus. We know, we have the proof. We are reaching some of them and discipling them, all in Hebrew.

We in Tel Aviv regularly go out and share the gift of the gospel. We are bringing The Gift to many in Israel. God has the power to save. His gift, Yeshua, restores and brings hope when people here are really almost hopeless.

Many are not called to missions, but want to encourage us and help our work go forward by praying and giving. Thank you so much. Your gift to us enables people to hear the gospel. Giving the gift of Jesus to Israel is taking a solid stand. As you join us in an unwavering commitment to Christ’s command to give out the gospel, we hope you have joy in giving something that will last.

We all enjoy the good feeling of giving gifts, but as we give to Israel it is good to ask, “Is it good for the Jews? Is it really?”

As Christians we have a gift to offer—a gift that is a matter of life and death. Only the gift of Jesus carries that eternal lifetime guarantee. Thank you for enabling me to give my gift to Israel today, the gospel gift. Nothing could be better for the Jews.


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