May 2004 Newsletter (5764:9)

Jews for Jesus in Kharkov
May 1, 2004

With a population of 1.5 million people, Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine. The Jewish population there numbers about 40,000, the majority of whom are atheists. Included in the Jewish community of Kharkov are many intelligentsia and also many elderly and needy people. Memories of communism are intense and there is much pride….

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Is It Good for the Jews?
Author: Miriam A

In Israel we have a saying, a question, really: Is it good for the Jews?” Many wonderful Christian brothers and sisters are eager to do and give to help the Jewish people. And we are thankful that they desire to bless Israel. Everyone loves to receive gifts, including people in Israel. Many Christians have been…

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A Message from Moishe: Why is Jews for Jesus Controversial?
Author: Moishe Rosen

Reporters have often asked me: Why do you suppose Jews for Jesus is so controversial?” I am tempted to grin and say, “Maybe it’s because I am big, fat and ugly!” However, most reporters and writers don’t bring their sense of humor to an interview. Furthermore, I know the controversy is not about me; it’s…

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Bits from the Branches

The Landrums have landed…in Sydney, Australia! Mark and Rahel Landrum, formerly in our London branch, have now joined the Sydney team. Rahel reports, On my first Aussie sortie (tract-passing expedition) since we moved here I met Shalom, an Israeli. When I offered him a New Testament in Hebrew, his eyes lit up and he said,…

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Israel Dependence Day

This season we celebrate Israel’s Independence Day, marking the 56th birthday of the modern state. As persecuted Jews around the world flee to the homeland, Israel continues to grow. For the very first time in history, as many Jewish people live in the land of Israel as in the United States. If this trend continues,…

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The BYG Pic

We’ve got a couple of challenging Behold Your God campaigns coming up and we need your prayers for both of them. First, we’d like to tell you a little about plans for Kharkov. We are not publicizing dates for this campaign due to organized opposition; we do not want to make their job too easy!…

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Jews for Jesus is looking for a bus driver/sound person for The Liberated Wailing Wall, our mobile, evangelistic music team for July, 2004 through November, 2005. Full salary and benefits. Requirements a vital relationship with the Lord a Class B commercial driver’s license with air brake and passenger endorsements bus driving experience a basic knowledge…

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