I can still remember how proud my parents were when I was bar mitzvah. The event was a huge deal in my family, with the reception rivaling that of a wedding. I can still remember my father at the reception, working the crowd, so elated and proud. I am sure on that day they could not imagine that 13 years later their good Jewish son would become a believer in Jesus.

My wife (at the time fiancTe) and I both came to Christ at The Liberated Wailing Wall (LWW) presentation at my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s church.

I didn’t tell my parents for quite awhile. When I did finally tell them, they were upset and struggling to understand. When I told them I was baptized, that too was difficult for them, but when I left my career as a CPA and became a Jews for Jesus missionary, that was the most difficult of all for them. They could not understand how a Jewish person could become a Christian and still be Jewish. They expected me to abandon my Jewish heritage, but instead it only became more important to me. This fostered more confusion for my parents. At my son Judah’s bris (circumcision) my parents asked, So, which are you today? Jew or Christian?” I just smiled and said, “Both!”

As time passed, my parents’ hurt and anger appeared to deepen, but I still took every opportunity to witness to them. I began to see an openness in my father. Denise and I committed my family to prayer and believed God was working in invisible ways. Faithful Christian friends I met at churches where I spoke also prayed for my family’s salvation.

Every time a Jews for Jesus speaker or The Liberated Wailing Wall came through my parents’ town I would make sure my parents knew about it. My father often went. He especially enjoyed The Liberated Wailing Wall. He said it reminded him of “A Chorus Line,” a little singing, a little talking, a little dancing. He went to two of their presentations, and so I e-mailed him to let him know The Liberated Wailing Wall was going to be in his area once again.

I had actually forgotten all about the concert when I received a call from the leader of The LWW. She was calling to tell me that my father, Arthur, had received Christ at the concert that night. I was stunned. Towards the end of the presentation my father had slipped out early. Rivka, one of the members of The LWW, noticed him leaving and followed him out. He explained that he is a physician and needed to make rounds. She replied that the best thing my dad could give his patients was letting them see Jesus in his heart. After a short conversation he prayed with Rivka to receive the Lord.

I spoke to my dad the next day and I have spoken with him many times since. He is in touch with a Jews for Jesus missionary closer to his home and I am now praying for spiritual growth for him. I also continue to pray for the salvation of my mother, Sheri, and my sister, Nikki. I am so thankful to God for His grace and mercy toward my father and I am so thankful for the ministry of The Liberated Wailing Wall. It cannot be easy to travel around on a bus for months at time, but I so appreciate what they are doing and the fruit they are bearing. My wife, my father and I have all come to faith through The Liberated Wailing Wall. I think I will keep on inviting my unbelieving family and friends to their concerts!

Editor: Stay tuned next month for an introduction to the current Liberated Wailing Wall team.


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