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Dear Jews for Jesus,

Enclosed is an account of how I first met Greg Savitt [pictured to the left]. Perhaps it will encourage your readers as they share their faith with Jewish and Gentile neighbors.

Sincerely in Christ,

Paul Paurus


I almost said that out loud while reading an article titled The Son Rises” in the March 2002 Jews for Jesus Newsletter. It was written by “Greg Savitt, missionary.”

I remembered Greg Savitt from the early 1980s when I was a youth pastor at Cumberland Baptist Church in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Greg was a sophomore at nearby Rolling Meadows High School and had some friends who were part of our youth group. Jim and Lisa Shoberg, a brother and sister , invited Greg to several of our monthly outreach events. At first Greg came because he thought Lisa was cute. [ed: Greg confirms this and says it was the closest he could get to a date with her.] These outreach events were special fun nights at which we shared the gospel, providing a means for our kids to witness to their classmates. I remember one game in which Greg laid flat on the floor with a bowl on his face while a partner had to crack an egg and land it in the bowl. She missed, and Greg got the pro verbial “egg on his face”—literally. He also got egg on his shirt collar, much to the puzzlement of his mother later that night.

I do not recall engaging Greg directly in any serious spiritual conversation, and I do not recall ever seeing a response card indicating he had received Jesus into his life. Nonetheless, he heard the gospel at our events, and Lisa and Jim also demonstrated it to him. This brother and sister cared for Greg and pra yed for him during their high school days. The seed was planted in the soil of Greg’s heart, and some years later it came to fruition as this y oung Jewish man became a follower of Jesus. Today he is laboring to reach his own Jewish people for Jesus! And to think that a couple of high school students and their rookie youth pastor had a part in the transformation of this life. I praise God for the privilege of being a channel of His love and gospel in the life of Greg Savitt.

On September 24, 2002 Greg presented “Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles” at Eagle Grove Church in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, where I am the pastor. The evening was doubly meaningful for us. Through Greg we all learned how God used this special holiday to point the way to the coming Messiah. And as Greg gave his story, we saw an example of how a life can be changed when a follow er of Christ is willing to share the Good News of Jesus with a friend. How exciting to see the ongoing work of God, and how exciting to be a part of it!


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