Unexpectant Mothers in God’s Plan of Redemption

Expectant mothers are filled with excitement. They overflow with ideas and plans for their coming bundles of joy. But within the Scriptures we discover a small group of women, unexpectant” mothers, chosen for a special purpose. Their pregnancies were not merely out of the ordinary—they were supernatural. In each case, God was at work, planning and providing for a redeemer and a King.

Hannah (1 Samuel 1:1-28) gave birth to Samuel who anointed Saul, Israel’s first king and who anointed David, King of Israel, from whom came Messiah, Son of David, King of Israel.

Elizabeth (Luke 1:5-25; 57-80) gave birth to John the Baptist who introduced the Messiah to Israel.

Miriam (Mary; Matthew 1:18-25) gave birth to Yeshua (Jesus) who is Messiah, Son of David, King of Israel.

God has continually used the most unlikely people and circumstances to perform His work of redemption. From barren wives to the young virgin He is able to bring forth life from the most impossible circumstances. He does not work according to our expectations or limitations. He places people whom the world would overlook in central roles in His eternal plan. This is good news, for perhaps He can even use you and me.


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