New York: Aaron Abramson says, I’ve met several Jewish people at churches where I’ve been speaking. Please pray for Barbara, who prayed with me to receive Jesus after a ‘Christ in the Passover’ presentation, and for Heidy, who is seriously considering Him.”

David Mishkin reports, “I brought Sergio to translate for me in a Portugese speaking church in New Jersey. After the service we met Bernice, a Jewish woman from Sergio’s hometown in Brazil. She seems close to making a decision for Yeshua (Jesus), and has agreed to meet with us again.”

Los Angeles: Tuvya Zaretsky reports, “Adam is a professional skateboarder who keeps ‘running into’ Christians. I met him while picking up my wife Ellen at the airport. She had spent most of the cross-country flight witnessing to him. Adam has agreed to further contact with me; please pray for his salvation.”

Dnepropetrovsk: Valery Bolotov reports, “Demian approached me during a sortie (tract passing expedition) and wanted to talk about Yeshua. He had received literature from our Odessa branch in the past and was very open. I visited his home and found that suffering and sorrow had caused Demian and his wife to search for God. They both prayed that day for forgiveness of their sins through Yeshua.”

Kharkov: Leonid Dolganovsky reports, “I came to visit Ida, but her grandson Zurab was there at the time and so he was included in the visit. He claimed to be an atheist, and said that when he reads the books of Chekhov, he feels as if he is in his presence. I suggested that he can start reading the Bible and be in God’s presence. Then we spoke about sin and forgiveness. Zurab said that if I have time, he’d like to meet with me and continue speaking about Jesus, for my ideas were very sobering. Please pray for Ida and Zurab to be saved.”

San Francisco: Robyn Wilk reports, “A Christian friend brought a Jewish woman named Irene to Tiferet Israel, the messianic congregation I attend. After the service, I found Irene to be extremely open. I explained the gospel to her and asked if she wanted to receive the Lord. ‘Not right now,’ she replied. We set a visit for the following week. We met in a cafe at the mall and began to talk about the gospel and the cost of being a believer. In the middle of our discussion, Irene blurted out, ‘I am ready to do it. I want to be a Christian.’ I re-explained the gospel and cost of discipleship to her, and Irene prayed to receive the Lord. She lives with her unbelieving Jewish grandparents. Please pray that her faith would take root.”

Johannesburg: Natalie Sachs reports, “The other day, a Jewish woman named Jessica called our office and Michael talked to her. She was clearly interested in knowing about Yeshua, and they set up a visit. Michael asked me to go with him, and when I walked in the door, Jessica and I instantly recognized each other. We’d attended the same school years before. We were both stunned. (I have long had a burden to witness to people I knew in school.) Jessica, a paramedic, has seen people die right in front of her, and had many questions about the meaning of life. Michael was able to speak from his medical background and explain the answers he found in Yeshua. I told Jessica my story, which helped because of our common backgrounds. Jessica seems eager to know the truth and I am trusting that she will find it in Yeshua.”

Israel: Shlomy Abramov reports, “Shlomo is a religious man from the Orthodox community, yet he confessed to me when we met (through a mutual acquaintance) that he was not even sure if God even existed. We went through the Scriptures and after three hours, Shlomo gave his heart to the Lord. Pray for Shlomo to grow in his faith. He will obviously have many obstacles to overcome.”